What all rounder uni?

Ok Hello everyone

I have made threads to aid me on purchasing a new uni before, but this time I’ll be more specific. Ok what I’m looking for

Quite good at freestyle and street
possibly a koxx one
under $800
I don’t want a uni which is based on one type of unicycling, but on several so I have a range of choices to choose from.
very strong uni which will last a long time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
-1wheelwonder:D :wink: :sunglasses:

Well i would consider this machine then. :smiley:

I wouldn’t
It doesn’t seem like money is that much of a problem so I’d say get a K1 Black Domina for street/flat and it will still do good for freestyle…not as good as a freestyle uni, but if you’re going any large street at all you might want something a little more heavy duty. You could make your own 20’’ wheel w/ a nice bmx rim and isis cranks. That could be a good middle for street and freestyle.

I don’t really want the black domina because it is focused on two types of uniing, flat and freestyle. i was thinking that flight green is a good all rounder, but not so good at freestyle

The black domina is focused mostly on street and flat and would do good at freestyle

and the balck domina is way out of my price range and mum says it has to be under 700 now… (edit: I’m in Australia if you are wondering)

Get a KH

KH’s are 850.

My recommendation:
Make it custom.

I think a Nimbus Black Widow would be a good street/freestyle hybrid, except it’s not splined.

Build it from the ground up, something like the Black Widow, but with an ISIS hub and maybe the new Sym cranks :wink:

Nimbus all the way: good value and easily available in Oz.
A standard build would be simpler, and quicker to get: customs are nice but cost more: unless your heart is set on something special.
browse the Australian unicycle.com and buy before your mum changes her mind again!

Hello again, Mum has dramatically cut the spending limit to 400! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! anyways, what about the Nimbus X 20-inch? I know that I’ll have to ship it from america, but if it’s worth it, it’ll be something i have to do… (edit- how long should the seat post be and what does UPS stand for when you go into calculate shipping costs?)http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1052

Are you sure you want a freestyle and not a fun bouncy trials? :smiley:

I can’t do trials because of my knee problem

for that kinda price i wopuld just buy a cheap car if i were u,

its faster then a uni but it might not last as long, but u can fit more girls in it then u culd girls on ur new uni:D

And you can save up more $$$ for when you get a unicycle club going and need to take your unicycles with you. :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question: The Nimbus X is a very good freestyle and very strong. Its well worth the money.

thanks smilymarco, I thought it was very cheap, I’ll get KH moments too. I’m not sure how much shipping will be though.

and I don’t think I will be buying a car anytime soon lol

If you want to ride around town on it and/or do some MUni, as well as tricks, I’d get a 24".

The '07 KH 24 is on sale for $675 AUS.

The next best all rounder would prob be a Nimbus Muni. Or if you don’t think you’ll do a bunch of hopping or MUni, the Nimbus II.

hte nimbus X street looks good as well as the nimbus II ISIS. get the car :G for the clubs sake!!! we have 3 members so far ^.^ not really a club yet but lol. I Think any decent uni is going to stand up to what you want to do. If you wanna do street with a flat/freestyle uni Unless you start grinding and all that kinda stuff you shouldn’t worry… Hope that helps :slight_smile:


thanks everyone, I think I’d rather a 20’’ to 24’’ Hey do you know how much shipping would cost from USA to AUS?