what all do you need to make a B.C. wheel?

Im going to make a B.C. wheel sooner or later.I have an old wheel i can use,and I looked at buying right angle metal plates wich would only cost 60 cents(but they only had one).But,is that all you need?Plates and a wheel?

Re: what all do you need to make a B.C. wheel?

No, you need the dream… Nah just the plates and a wheel.

a way to connect the plates too. like a welder or something like that.

Actually most people just screw on the plates, Because bikewheel’s hubs freewheel in the middle so attatching it would do nothing but waste time and money…

screws count as “something like that!” mwuahahah i love vague terms.

Sorry to be this guy but…

when you say “like a welder or something like that”, it sounds like you are telling forrestunifreak that he needs to fuse the plates to the axle instead of just drilling 9/16" or 15mm holes in them so they would attatch like a bike fork would.


Well,the plates i was looking at already have holes, and i was just going to use the bolts that came on the wheel.would that work by itself?Iv’e heard somthing about lock washers,What about those?

I think you need those when using pegs. Are your guys’ plate holes threaded?