what a workout!

what does everyone think is more of a work out? jogging a certain distance or unicycling the same distance? what would you say is more of a cardiovascular workout buring more fat and what not.any statistics or anything like that?

As far as a cardiovasuclar workout my opinion would be that jogging is more of a workout all things being equal especially distance… but jogging is also really hard on the knees especially for people out of shape/ overweight.

Personally I hate running or jogging any significant distance so its a moot point with me anyway.

It’s not a simple think to calculate. For instance, if we’re talking jogging vs uni on a street, it’s way, way easier to uni. The wheel is absolutely a mechanical advantage. I can uni way, way further than I can run (even though I did complete a marathon a couple years ago …).

But as with many things, the amount of effort/motivation plays a big part, too. If we were talking about muni vs trail running, then I’d get a much better workout from muni on the same trail, because with muni I tend to go pretty hard–I’m motivated because I like what I’m doing. If I was running, I’d be doing it with far less ambition and enjoyment, so would probably end up exerting myself less.

but how could unicycling be easier than running? walking/running is a natural human instinct most everyone learns by nature.its easy. not so with a unicycle i mean you have to move arms from side to side and lean forwards and back to keep balanced runnings quite simple nothing unstable about it. but i guess running could be more of a workout you deffinitly arent sitting down.

For an experienced unicycle rider riding on flat smooth terrain is easy unless you are pushing speed. However for a beginner it is a LOT of work so maybe quite comparable to jogging. IMO

Technical Muni

When I do hard MUni trails with a lot of jumping up boulders and some climbs and some downhill I really work all of my muscles hard and my heart beats like a drum!

Especially the jumping. Two minutes of jumping or pecking up boulders is the best workout and the only thing that gives me that “stitch” in the ribs pain so quickly.


All I can say is that when I ran regularly my resting heart-rate was around 52 BPM. After a few months of unicycling instead of running my resting heart-rate was down to 45 BPM.

Old Dog, revisiting old tricks?

I have been a jogger for about 30 years and started having some foot issues. I saw someone on a uni and decided to try it again - last time I rode I was in my teens, am now 56! It was much easier as a kid! I find that my leg strength and my cardio are keeping my progress slow. I go out and practice for about 20 minutes and then need to stop… my legs get that sewing machine shakiness. I’m wondering what exercises you all do to support your unicycling and if any of you have tips for an old lady like me? After about 2 weeks and 12 practice sessions, I can ride for about 3 football fields length and then tucker out. I am not remembering how to free mount but I figure that will come in time as my confidence and strength increases. Any tips?