What a night! Rode a giraffe + met 2 Unicyclists.

Accordinly Done and I were bored and looking for something to do. I usually retreat to the beach of Ft. Myers for some riding along the strip. We got to one main part and I hopped down 4 steps or so to get onto the main walkway. This guy stops me and starts talking to me, he goes “Wow, nice Miyata seat.” Turns out this guy and his buddy are both street performers. He gets on the Uni and shows me up, wheel walking, awesome idling skills, kick up mounting, etc… I asked him how often he rides and he says only in my shows… Next thing you know I’m about 300-400 feet away watching this guy juggle 3 flaming torches while 1 foot idling on a 5 ft. giraffe. This guy had some skills and was cool as hell… he let me ride the giraffe around for a bit too! I couldn’t free mount it or really attempt to because of my wrist but it was an awesome time. His buddy has a 7 foot and 10 foot giraffe built by Tommy… we both knew we were talking about the same person when we said he talks a lot! heh. These guys were really cool and friendly, I’ll probably stop by the beach again to talk to them and progress my skills. Also I hopped down 12 steps that night for the first time which was hella-cool

It was fun meeting other unicyclers. They had mad skill and made me feel like doo doo

Its always relly cool to meet other unicyclists when you dont expect to… especially ones with skills other than just riding poorly.
-David Kaplan

^ how come no one is giving him props

Easy now… Put that desert eagle away… :slight_smile:

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> ^ how come no one is giving him props
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