What a good day...

This morning i awoke to clear blue skys and a wintery sun beaming down from not
far above the horizon. lurching out of bed I decided to go for a ciker ride and
make use of the dry weather. I had an errend to compleate visting a bike shop a
few miles to the south of reading so that decided my direction and off I set.

The 1st couple of miles were not pleasent, riding the cycle way along side a
duel carriageway, but it got me out of town quickly and avoided playing with
busses on the alternative road. I managed to scare my self stupid before long as
I rejoined the traffic out of town , I don’t like Lorries ( Long story involeing
broken bones for any one who wants to know why) and the road I’d picked running
parrallel to the Motorway was not as quiet as I’d hoped.

I escaped over a pedestrian footbridge, found my self on another cycle way and
decided to folow it to see where it went. Ended up at a local school, carried on
and found to my delight the road got narrower and narrower, about 8 feet wide,
covered in fallen leaves and lined by mature hedges,. remebering I had to go to
the bike shop in the next village I hung a left as i reached a larger road and
headed back to civilisation in the shape of Rotec Bike shop in Shinfield. The
very nice chaps ther sold me a pair of bar end shifters and a set of side pull
brakes for a knock down second hand price, Looks like my coker will be joining
the braked set soon.

As the day was turning out so nicely I decided to ride on a bit further…
Found some interesting little country lanes, discovered Wellington Counrty Park
is closed till March 000 ( I hope they just missed a 2 out there or who knows
if it’ll ever open again), rode past a number of LARGE country estates, they
had big gateposts and lots of keep out signs so I guess the owners were loaded.
Got yelled at by two idiots ina van ( Yes I know I’ve only got one wheel thank
you ) and manged to set myself a new top speed 15.4mph.

Starting to head North and homewards I rode up more skinny little lanes and then
as the motorway neared started to meet lorries again. Gritting my teeth an
sticking to my chosen bit of road I weathered the passing of several of these
monsters before one driver coming towards me set up a celebratory tune onhis air
horn and saluted me. It was nice to be reminded that there are humans inside
these fume belching, dust spewing clanking horrors. Once I was past the land
fill site ( that why there were sooo many lorries) things got a little quieter
and I got a tad lost taking a shortcut. When will I learn. Stuggling through the
stinging nettles eventully I neared the canal and got back on target, getting
tired now and it was a gentle uphill all the way home.

I got back, sank my teeth into a buttie and my but into the armchair. Not a bad
little trip out. 26.7 miles, a new top speed 15.4mph and a very good price on
some brake bits. Shame I’ve got to go to work tomorrow, the weather forecast is
good again…


Re: What a good day…

>Sarah Miller wrote in message …


>further… Found some interesting little country lanes, discovered Wellington
>Counrty Park is closed till March 000 ( I hope they just missed a 2 out there
>or who knows if it’ll ever open again), rode past a number

The sign is not Y2K compliant.... <g