what a difference it makes

I got my uni a few weeks back and thought it was all good to go until I checked the air pressure today and it was only around 35-38. After I pumped it up to 65 I could turn super easy and have made large improvement:D

is 65psi what most of you put in your LX

if your a freestyler.
if you are doing jumps up or down you want to have the pressure around 20-30psi but it has been a long time since I rode an lx.

are you sure I would wan to have the pressure lower than it is recamended for? It says to have 40-65PSI

Man that’s waaay more than the mere 12 lbs I have in my muni!:smiley:

My CC says have it inbeetween like 35 - 65 psi. I keep it at 6 to 8 psi:)

do you really? isn’t that super flat and hard to turn?

it on a 2.5" wide tire on a 19" rim though. also, I weigh 80 pounds fully clothed with helmet and shinguards on. if I go any lower than 6 psi it gets really weird turning, because their is soo much friction.

I too have a CC tire on a Alex trials rim, and I run it at 30psi, but lowered it at 20psi cause I was bored. I like it at 30 better.

When your jumping and doing trials, you want the tire to be a springy as possible to get the max height in your jumps. Different weights will have different psi, and everyone has their own sweetspot.

For freestyle, you will want a higher PSI cause you have better control and will be smoother.

Dang, that’s really low. The 19" rim doesn’t make any difference, you need to have it so it doesn’t bottom out. You could damage your rim.

I always have problems with my CC slopping off the rim, under 26 or something psi.

what rim? I have “no duh” the KH rim. I’ve never had any problems with it coming off. I bottom out every once in a while, but I like it because I can hop higher. Bryan runs his tire at like 4 psi though!!! it’s low compared to mine :astonished:

I think you have a messed up tire gauge or something. That is way low. Did Bryan say his was 4 psi or are you saying that because it looks lower than yours? I don’t get how you could ride like that without constantly being on the rim.

Theres no way you could run a tire at 4 psi and not bottom out, even just riding in a straight line! In fact im pretty sure at 4 psi that even with no weight on the uni, the rim would be touching the floor, it would be just like having a flat tire!

Rock on!