What a difference a tyre makes

I was out for a ride though my local woods today on my Muni; I have just
fitted a 2.3" tyre to it as an upgrade from the standard tyre that Pashley
fitted. When I bought the Muni, Roger from UK Unicycle.com advised me to
change the tyre, I didn’t bother getting round to it until now, but I wish
I had done to sooner, it is so much easier to ride now, and is capable of
going up slopes that are a good bit steeper and looser than before. A 2.3
tyre gives a lot more cushioning as well, the 2.6" tyre some use must be
even better, but I think the 2.3" will do for me just now. It is great to
get the Muni off road properly, after riding over tree roots, and over
ruts on the track, a ride down the road to get home is a piece of cake.

Innes Dunbar