What 24 hr races have been done on unis


Congrats to the Redbull 24hr riders- that’s really cool that you did so well against the bikes- that has got to be the best result ever.

I’m planning on writing a book on the history of MUni someday and I’d love to keep track of the participation and results for unicyclists in 24 hour races.

Anybody care to start a list here?


Kris Holm.

24 Hours of Summer Solstice
Albion Hills Ontario
July 2001

team: Singlespeeders
Carl Hoyer
Jeff Groves
Ian Cox
Richard Aschenbrenenr
Brian MacKenzie

placement 300/320

24 hrs lifestyles of the rich and famous
May 2003
Manfield Conservation Centre
team: Team One

Brian Mackenzie
Richard Aschenbrenner
Andrew Parker
Ryan Atkins

placement 22/25

24 hrs lifestyles of the rich and famous
May 2004
Manfield Conservation Centre
team: Team One (one of 3 uni teams)

Brian MacKenzie
Richard Aschenbrenner
Shamus Rask
Andrew Walden
Mike Carol

placement: 22/22

Plus you could do a shorter list:

24 Hour Races Nathan Hoover Never Participated In.


Correction: summer solstice is in June, not July

[kinda jacking] Do you know if there are any comming up in the quebec/ontario area I could participate in?[endofthekindajacking]\

Here’s the list of 24 hour races I’ve participated in:

24 Hours of Adrenalin, Laguna Seca California:
2002 9 man team (Kris you shuld remember this one!)
2003 5 man team and 7 man team
2004 9 man team

Moonride, Rotorua, New Zealand
2004 solo

Lifestyles of the Ruch and Famous, Toronto, Canada
2004 Two 5 man teams and one mixed 5 person team

Mountain Mayhem, Eastnor Castle, England
2004 Two 4 man teams and one mixed 5 person team

I will try and go back and find the results for all these as well and post here.

Does anyone have handy the info on the Yukon race (for next year)?


Okay, from New Zealand:

24hr Moonride 2004, Rotorua, New Zealand
2 Teams (Moonride Monoriders #1 and #2)
2 Soloists (Nathan Hoover 112km/24hrs and Ken Looi 175km/24hrs)
The writeup here
Links to photos here

24hr Moonride 2003
1 team: Knights of Uni
1 x 24hr Soloist (Ken Looi) 134km/24hrs)
2 x 12hr Soloists (Peter Bier and Tony Melton)
Race report
Links to pics

Not a 24hr race but half of that:
12hr Day/Night Thriller 2003, Taupo, New Zealand
1 Team: Unicycle.com NZ
1 Soloist (Ken Looi) 120km/12hrs- 32nd out of 46 soloists
Over 3000 MTBkers
Race report

12hr Day/Night Thriller 2002
1 Team: J’ville Unibombers
Race report and pics

Not a 24hr race but 100miles around hilly Lake Taupo:
2 relay teams (40km/25miles each)
1 soloist (Ken L) 8hrs 20min/160km
Race report

Ok- really off topic but have to include the 50km Karapoti Classic- the worlds toughest MUni race:
Race report

I agree that Nathan is the definitive authority on 24hr races…he should write that section of your MUni history book :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully I’ll get a few more under my belt next year.


Here are the 12/24 Hour events I have paricipated in (there is some overlapping with people’s previous posts):

Full Unicycle Teams

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Mansfield, Ontario
May 2004

Team 1

Brian already listed them

Team 2

Carl Hoyer
Nathan Hoover
Beau Hoover
Bronson Silva
Bruce Bundy

Team 3

Irene Genelin
Andy Cotter
Jeff Groves
Ryan Atkins
Ben Plotkin-Swing

24 Hours of Adrenalin
Laguna Seca, California
May 2003
Team Cyclops I - 5 person team

24 Hours of Adrenalin
Laguna Seca, California
May 2002
Team Cyclops - 9 person team

24 Hours of Summer Solstice
Albion Hills Ontario
June 2002 (not 2001 as Brian posted earlier)

team: Singlespeeders
Carl Hoyer
Jeff Groves
Ian Cox
Richard Aschenbrenenr
Brian MacKenzie

Single Laps I have completed on unicycle as being part of a bike team:

24 Hours of Adrenalin
Hardwood Hills, Ontario
August 2003

12/24 Hours of Adrenalin
Kelso, Ontario
June 2003
Ian Cox also did a lap

24 Hours of Adrenalin
Hardwood Hills, Ontario
August 2002

12 Hours of Adrenalin
Kelso, Ontario
June 2002

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Mansfield, Ontario
May 2001

And that’s it.


Carl, thanks very much for the info on 24 Hours of Light - that would be a blast next year if I don’t go to England again. And a plus is that there is no lower age limit. Just think - no night laps at all! And I like their rules:

  1. No outside support
  2. No Lights
  3. No Whining


I did these ones,

Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 2001, Sandwell, UK

2 Unicycle Teams

Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 2002, Sandwell, UK

2 Unicycle Teams

1 Soloist - Joe Marshall - Placed 7th from last.

I think I was the first unicycle soloist, followed by Ken slightly later in 2002, then Nathan and Ken again in 2004.

I think there’s a lot of scope for people riding further as soloists because every time it’s been done so far the distance record has been improved.


latest 24 H race in france:
see http://monocycle.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=341
(in french)
unfortunately the valiant unicyclists had unadapted cycles
(24" I think)

  • the Cokers are far too expensive here … :angry: -


Oops : I forgot: for 3 years unicyclists form the Woom club
did compete and finished 24 hours team races in Lyon
I’ll ask them to post a report

Gabe Holmic and I competed together in a two man unicycle team (with many breaks) at the Beaudesert 24hr MTB race last year some time.

We’re currently organising three small teams for a 12hr which should be lots of fun.


All the 24hour races I’ve participated in have already been mentioned, but here they are again.

24 hours of summer solstice – June (summer solstice) 2002 – Single Speeders -Ontario, Canada

24 hours of adrenaline – May 2003 – Cyclops I – California

24 hours of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – May 2004 – Cyclops 2 – Ontario, Canada

I also raced in the Paris to Ancaster 60 km race – April 2004 - Ontario, Canada


Red Bull mountain Mayhem 1999- tried to enter a team, but rejected. They did run a 24 minute unicycle race as part of the track side entertainment.

Red Bull mountain mayhem 2000 , Sandwell, UK

  • 1x 5 person mixed team
    as far as I know this was the first unicycle team in a 24 race anywhere. We got in by not telling them we were a unicycle team. Leo White, Miark, Paul Selwood, Sarah Miller, Roger Davies.

Mountain Mayhem 2001, Sandwell UK
2x 5 person mixed teams ( although 1 raced as a 4 person due to injury.)
amoung the riders were, Claire Gibbs (injured on track inspection) ,Paul Gibbs, Sarah Miller, Paul Selwood , Roger Davies, Mark rushton, Miark, Alan Chambers… I forget who else.

Mountain Mayhem 2002, Sandwell UK
1x 5 person mixed team, one 4 man sport team, 1 soloist.


ofcourse a 24 hours record is a very impresive prestation.

but if you are with 4 people You just have to cycle for 6 hours. So that isn’t very difficult.

There are also 24 houres record that don’t used teams. So it is just 1 single unicyclist wo unicycled for 24 hour.

Here is a pagwe about a unicyclist: http://homepage.sunrise.ch/mysunrise/rekorde/Weltrekord/24h%20rekord/24h%20rekord.htm

For everyone who can’t speak german:

24 hour record
279,874 km
130 mm cranks
26 inch wheel
start time: 16:00 h
end time: 16:00 h

So this is a very good prestation.


Some people may not understand that when we say “24 Hour Race”, we mean 24 hours of racing offroad, mostly on difficult singletrack, but none of it on paved road. Racing for 6 hours (or even for 3 hours) on this type of terrain actually is difficult, certainly much more so than riding on a road or a track. Think about racing on difficult narrow steep twisty trails at night in the rain when you’re very tired.


Yes, and it sounds like great fun. I would really like to compete in one. Does anybody know if there are any comming up in the Quebec/Ontario area?

Your best bet for the Ontario area coming up is 24 Hours of Adrenalin. Looks like the next one in Ontario is Aug 21/22.


I think the 24hr Road Record is now slightly over a double century 200miles.

6hrs of off-road with half of that in the dark when you are tired is not easy- I felt worse after just 4hrs of off-road night-riding than I did after 100miles of road riding.

That’s what the word “solo” means in the things above, just one person riding for 24 hours, but this is offroad. I’ve ridden 12 hours on road and I reckon it’s more difficult to ride 6 hours off road, especially in the dark. The offroad record of 175km set by Ken Looi is way way more impressive than riding round a track for 279km.

I reckon if you’re allowed to ride round and round a running track like that guy is, you could use a coker with 89mm or shorter cranks and totally destroy that record. On a flat track, you could safely control the coker and get it going to an 18-20mph cruising speed. As long as you didn’t need to stop very often you’d be fine.