[Whanted] 36" or 29 GUni

Hi everyone !

Ok,I’m planing to attemp to the RTL (Ride the Lobster) competition.
I’m in possesion of a new but not 07: Kh29" unicycle (I dont know the edition, but it’s the one just before 07. I bough it from Bedford in summer 2006).

Then, I dont realy whant to try this wonderfull experience on a 29" uni…One would anderstand…
So I though about 2 options:

1-Geared my kh29" with a new Schlumpf/kh hub for the really nice price of 1 ??? $
-Then I realise my kh29" was too old…dam (the hub only fit 07 and later).
-so by curiosity, i’m asking you People of Knowledg, if there’s any possible way for me to transorm my kh29" into something faster…! Something like a not-Schlumpf-kh-29"-geared-unicycle-that-run-fast-fast-fast…

2-Second point…IF not, well i’m looking for someone selling his(or her) 36" unicycle at a good cost…

So that’s it. If you guys got any ideas or knowns someone that is selling a good 36" uni…let me know !!


ps: Hope this is actualy in the right cathegori (selling vs asking…haaa, it’s done…)

Check moi ca !

Gotta help each other every once in a while

You can use the new hub with the old frame but you need to remove part of the inside lip of the bearing housing, you want to bring it down to 2 mm.