Whacked out Sports!

I was recently contacted by a producer of the show, and after seeing my old feb vid with Spencer he has asked me to get him some of the raw footage and film him some more newer stuff to put on the air :-D. So im gonna be tryin to go to Fresno to ride with some of my friends to get some footage together. But this is going to be aired on whacked out sports which plays on FOX!!!This is going to be great exposure for our sport for sure :smiley:

That’s so sweet!

Make sure you post it, and tell us when it’s going to air so we can watch it on TV. It will be nice to see some new stuff from you

Awesome make sure you post it.

Have you not seen whacked out sports?

They’ll undoubtably be making fun of unicycling. But exposure is exposure I guess.

Yeah, I havn’t been on the forums in a while, I have been oober busy with working. But I thought this would be pretty important enough to show my face back around here again.

Yeah I have…But thats where they are gonna be dissapointed :roll_eyes:

just ask bryan stevens for some BC footage, then see them make fun of unicycling.

Haha, they made an episode of “extreme unicycling” a while back. I suppose they are doing it again.

Although they will most likely just put down and tease us riders, I don’t suppose its that bad of coverage.

I think they had Dylan Wallinger gettin outta comission last time lol

you better drop some mad friggin knowledge foo…

representin fa eva!

-Justin(the notorious)

Good luck getting them to tell you when they will air it. I’ve been asking for weeks and I guess it has allready aired. It’s kinda annoying since I wanted to see it and get a copy for myspace. They’re kinda rude with business.

-Shaun johanneson

They showed an episode with Dan Heaton in it a couple of weeks ago on FTA in Australia. Don’t really know how old the footage was though.

Good to see some unicycling on TV even if the commentator was a bit derisive.

Yea I saw some unicycling on there once. I think as long as you dont put any bails and just show good riding there isnt realy much bad they can say.

Thats cool, Cody. Glad to here the sport is gonna get some more air time… Do us proud. Who cares if they make fun of your balls or whatever, do some big tricks show that you got em.

He asked to keep in the crashes at the end lol. He saw the painful vid we made a while back and saw how much we ate it, So im gonna give him a few good beefs with mostly good riding. Just gotta drive to Fresno to film with some friends out there gonna be sweet, gives me an excuse to go ride hehe

Thats cool! Too bad I don’t FOX ^^. Be sure to get a copy of it and put it online!

Edit: what time is it on?

I saw it on at midnight the other day…

It’d be nice if a show like Trans World Sport did a segment on unicycling.

Here’s one they did on cycleball.