Whack in the back of the heel

While unicycling in my livingroom (in clogs, never again), I took a spill and the seat cracked my heel quite hard. :astonished: All black and blue. It his right on the back of the heelbone where the Achilles tendon inserts.

Any suggestions for therapy? Ice, today, of course> Stretches or no? How long do these things take to heal. It sure smarts!!


2 things…whay were you wearing clogs? and uh y in the livingroom. anyways just use ice and strectch but not too much and as for how long to heal…i have no clue

Wearing the the clogs was definitely an oversight. I ride round my house frequently. Helps with manuverability and there’s no asphalt or sidewalk nearby, so it works for regular practice.

I ride in my house sometimes too. I learned to idle, 1ft ride/idle, and wheelwalk in my house.

For bruises and sprains, we use the RICE formula:
Rest, Ice, Compression (an Ace bandage), Elevation

Depending on how badly you whacked yourself, you should be normal and pain-free in a few days.

After a day or two (after the internal bleeding stops), apply mild heat to the bruise. This will increase the blood flow in the area and help clear up the discoloration.

Ice and heat, in that order for a day or two. Then heat and light stretching.

Hey thanks guys. I’ll keep you posted on how it heals up!