<a href="Hey guys,

Made a video in the wet, the ridings poor, but I hope the editing is atleast ok.

Any comments appreciated.


double backflips…gotta lovem can you 5spin? I thought the whole video was pretty sweet!

thats a nice video there dude nice frame to, i really like the black seat tube and post. dont you just hate the weather in england :frowning: haha


Yes… but all these Amerikans don’t know what it’s like lol.

Btw, nice video… perfect fitting music IMO.

you have never seen New England weather!

very nice video, i really enjoyed it.

That was sweet, great music, great riding, great editing!!!

Liked the crank flips they were very nice.

Liked the music, editing didnt look like anything too special but it worked well. what have you done to your frame, whats the black? The riding was pretty good, considering you were riding plastics.

I was going to make a vid called wet seeing as its going to be pissing down all weekend here, I will probably have to call it something shit like “rain” or sumthing like that now :frowning:

Ah I missed the edit

Haha I always think its funny how many people post saying they think your uni looks good, if only the new haha. At least now the blood would have been washed off.

I liked the vid :smiley: I would say it was… kind if resfreshing :smiley:


Some sick stuff in there, verrryyyy good video :smiley:

Nice. Wicked editing, street riding (can’t comment but it looks good!), sh*t weather.

As a rule the more spins your body, wheel or unicycle does the better, the bigger the object it is done up, down or over the better and the fewer hops the better. :smiley:

Nice static flip. Thats about it haha.

Mike, shouldn’t you been wearing a sweater in the rain?
Not healthy boy :roll_eyes:
Anyway, nice flips.
Liked the double front and all the other stuff, shows you can do other things then triple backs.
Can’t waith to see you at Wunschkonzert.

Peter M

Double or triple back at :40?

Cool video, music fit nicely.

good stuff. liked the music

You’ve made better, but it was still a beautiful thing! Good stuff.


Beautiful video.

i liked the sound/riding.