Wet & Wild!

Wet, messy and muddy MUni fun, splashing through the trail on the last days of 2010! Includes UNDER WATER GoPro footage. (Sure glad I had an extra pair of shoes in me car after the ride! My feet were FREEZING from being drenched in the ice cold aqua!) :o

Hope you enjoy, and appreciate your comments! :smiley:

Cool! Those under water shots were great!

My face is wet from all the aqua action!
Love watching you roll Terry…
Lots of snow here. Out for a ride soon. They plowed the sidewalk trails…

Yeah that was my first try at filming in/under water. I have lots more ideas now haha. :smiley:

Hey Sean good hearing from you! Maybe put those little spikes in your tire for some snow MUni! Not sure if this can be done but I seem to recall some people who had them in/on they uni tires. :smiley:

Awesome man ,I loved the aquatic stuff hahaha!
And the Mountain bikers reactions are always funny! Keep tring the 180 stepover and you will get it just a bit of luck and you land it!:D:D

Thanks Erik. It’s still raining here so it’s too wet out for flatland practice. I thought about clearing my living room out some so I could practice
inside haha. Anybody else done that? :stuck_out_tongue:

i have done that but then when my mom found out she was MAD

Haha, I guess I don’t need to worry about that part! But I would need to buy some kind of rubberized matt to lay over the carpet since the tire would not only leaves marks but probably wear it out. Plus, the rubber matt(s) would also make falling less painful! I’m thinking of those types of matts used in gyms and so on. They are fairly heavy but not overly spongy so I could still roll, hop and idle on them without sinking in hardly at all. :o

Maybe something like these, with the one that rolls out the least “squishy” and most convenient and easy to roll back up and store away.




i put a rug down then she was worried about me falling on the tv

Funny you mentioned a tv! Mine is right next to where I’d be practicing, in about a 4x4 entertainment center enclosure that sticks out from the wall about 2 feet. So I am now thinking of trashing it since it’s kindo of old now anyway, and I really don’t watch much TV anymore.

And if I still want to have a tv, I could just get the kind that mounts right to the wall! A plasma flat I think it is. The other thing I probably should move is my GLASS TOP coffee table! Something tells me that it should not be in the vicinity of my practice area. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha we have a old 36in tv and she doesn’t like me riding with out people around

Luckily my tv is now on a stand with wheels, so when I want to practice in the living room, I can just unplug it and wheel it out of the room! :smiley: And I found some clear plastic runner from home depot to put down over the carpet; it’s sold by the foot so I just bought enough to cover my practice area. Works well and doesn’t slide on the carpet since it has little “splikes” on the bottom side of it.