Wet Whirl on my 29er Unicycle & Dancin' Billy

Been a while for me here! Nice to get out riding…

Finally …we are getting some warmer temps and the snow is melting off. The ice and snow covered trails are pretty clear but way wet. Let us ride in the slop!!!
Been getting the Kris Holm 29" unicycle out for some “get in shape” rides.
A nice St. Paddy’s Day roll. Man, am I getting old …this is my party!
Ahhh… this ride culminates in the hammock!!!
A wee bit of the Dancin’ Billy at the end.
All secure in sector seven… Erin Go Braugh.

WHERE OH WHERE CAN I GET A DANCING BILLY?!?! that has to be the coolest thing i’ve seen in awhile. nice ride! glad you’re ok after that fall

Glad your crash was in the tunnel and not on the lake!!! Looks like you had some fun sir! Enjoyed watching it.

Very cool video Shug. I’m impressed with your tap-dancing friend :slight_smile:

Right on, man! The Kris Holm 29" is sweet…used to have one myself. However the cold weather would not be for me…shudder. So my respects to you. Hopefully once I’m your age I will still be “hopping” around like that too. :wink:

That Dancin’ Billy …originally called Dancin’ Biddy or a LimberJack…has been in my family since I was in the 4th grade. Made by an old mountain man. Mom had him on the hearth in the living room and we all played him a lot but me the most.
Here is where you can order one…LimberJack
Thanks …the fall was an ice slide.

Yeah …hit the ice and did a good slide. Glad I had pads on.

Thanks! That Billy can hoof it.

I do really enjoy the KH 29er …especially for the sidewalk trails.
I’m 52 and was always impressed by UniGeezer … that guy is a flippin’ monster rider.

Nice video. Great talent operating Billy. I’d say you do a much better job than the guy advertising them for sale on the link you provided.

Thanks …I thought the guy advertising them lacked some rhythm …maybe it was his Billy!

Sounds like you just have a lot more practice with it :slight_smile:

I did play with him a lot …a lot of fun with wood!

Thanks Shug I enjoyed that and pretty impressed with your little buddy too.

Mucho Obligato Feller. Fun to do a bit of Dancin’ Billy.

Holy cow, I haven’t checked out the uni forum in a while, so I totally missed this video! Wet, wild, cool and icy! The man from snowy Uni! Liked the uni-on-the-chin balance and the puppet at the end! Way to ride Shug man! :smiley:

It has been sweet…riding off ice…