Wet, Wet Sunday

So here’s is a new Muni vid from Austria. It’s dedicated to the last three weeks of rainy weather :roll_eyes:

I hope you like it.

That was good,I liked the cut to the ever present storm and the out takes had some great upd’s and of course some great riding in between.:slight_smile:

Agree with Dangerdog. Great video. The video fit the music very well, and liked how you swapped between the mellow pieces and the heavier pieces. Riding was great and liked the continuity in the shots. Enjoyed the music as well. Overall great video, enjoyed it a lot.

where do you live?

I am from Upper Styria more precisely from the middle of Austria :wink:

then it’s not very far from us (Linz)

Yes and no, if you go by train everything is far away :smiley:

Very enjoyable video! I loved all of it! It’s so beautiful there, even in the rain!

Really nice video! Nice to see some great scenery and great riding combined.

The only thing that concerned me was the last frame of the vid. When it stops it looks a bit suspicious in the shorts dept!! I’ll say no more…

Keep riding…

Thanks for all the comments. I appreciate that a lot.

I see it gets more and more important to get a HD camera especially because of the landscape.

You mean the shi… um… err… the dirt all over my shorts? :roll_eyes:

Enjoyed the video. The editing was cool, but kinda got old to me after awhile.

Great vid. Nice looking spot to ride too!