wet weather

I recently came back from unicyling in rain which later produced everthing to be covered in water. My shoes kept sliping of my pedals juring tricks resulting in my gashing my shines open(yes i know i should wear some sort of shin gaurds). I was just wondering if anyone could share some tips in riding in wet weather.

  • Shin guards

  • Pinned pedals

  • A good tread on your shoes for any wheel walking-type tricks

I love wet weather!
I do bout 75-80 percent of riding in rain. It makes it more fun.

I don’t bother wiv pads just get pinned pedals and gud shoes.

okay thank you, but how much would pin pedals cost around

try this;


But don’t get JCs… they’re useless in wet/muddy weather :frowning:

okay thaxs

i jst gt used 2 it, england is natural soking wet, and cold, except in the summer

if its wet i dont bother to much with tricks cos i no that ill kill myseld on my peddles

I do too, especially wet weather at night. Then i feel kinda exhilarated and more relaxed. :smiley:

ya wet weather is pretty fun.

The typing/spelling in this thread makes me want to hurt myself.

Try Kona Jackshits for pedals, and don’t listen to that one guy about not getting pads. They are life savers.

Not that Its awful, but try not to use text talk or else other fourm members will hate you :roll_eyes: cough foss cough

I hate riding in rain, never do it.

Give it a go bud.


Am I the only one who unicycles with an umbrella up?

One of those see-through ones too.

I’m hardcore!

Yeah, go with jackshots they are hella grippy


Riding in wet weather is fun indeed…all that i do is i have 2 sets of pedals allways on me (and of course a small spanner) and i jsut change them when i need to…For riding in wet weather i use longer metal pedals (by about 2cm) and only ones that have .5 mm pins in them…it makes it so much easier to ride when its wet…and once im done after that i just put on my smaller El’Cheapo plastic pedals on…

I too live in Wales and enjoy riding in the rain - well I have little choice really. What I like about it is that there are few other people out and about on the cycle track.

However, i don’t like it when the rain is so heavy that the padding in my shorts gets soaking wet and I feel like I’m wearing a soaking wet nappy.

Riding in the rain can be fun. But if you are going to ride on a soaking wet wooden boardwalk that has slimy green stuff growing on it, take the curves slowly and for the love of everything you hold dear wear knee pads and shin guards! :astonished:

My experienced $0.02

Try AE Bike

I really like the DMR pedals, and they have them in stock again. Generally they will have the lowest price on the web for any given pedal, and they ship cheap.And will ship to Canada now.

Pay attention to the weight. Some pedals that look the same weight twice as much as others. It’s worth paying 20 $ more to take a half pound off your wheel.
That’s partly why twisted PC’s are so popular, they are real light.