Wet weather riding gear?

That kind of wind helps keep you warm.

Helmet with knit cap under it,
Gill Dingy Top which is similar to a Kayaker’s Jacket
Helly Hansen Stretchable rain bottoms
Xtratuf boots
Neoprene gloves

We’ve been learning to ride here and it has been mostly wet and rainy. The sun popped out one day and I felt exposed without all of my rain gear on.

Yeah, it can be miserable starting a ride in nasty weather, but I can’t remember a ride that started like that and didn’t turn out to be just fine once I got warmed up.

I have three advantages that make me more likely ride, regardless of the weather, their names are Matty, Sydney, and Nuna. The dog pack will not allow me too many down days before they go stir crazy, esp Sydney “the dog that never tires”.

Right now I’m on the search for some pull on wind pants that stretch and are not to warm, a stretchy nylon like my OR jacket.

I tried a bunch of different pants, the one I liked is by Zoic, with zip off legs, which is the problem because the zipper area doesn’t stretch and my quads are too big to fit comfortably. I’m considering cutting out the zipper and adding snaps or velcro…

Any thoughts?