Wet weather 24 houring?

The forecast for this Saturday and Sunday in Brisbane is rain. The 24hr in Beaudesert is happening on these two days and Beaudesert is only about 3ish hours away by car so I guess there’s a chance of rain during the 24hr. Has anyone here done a 24hr event in the rain? If so, what did you wear? I think choosing the right clothing is really important for the 24hr because it’s hot during the day and apparently really cold at night even without the rain.

So any advice on what to wear? How many shirts do you guys go through for the 24hrs?

Sam, check your PM’s please.


Just a little correction…Beaudesert is apparently 1-2hrs away so there’s more chance of rain I guess.

Rain in a 24 hour event can make things really tough. I’ve done 11 24 hour events, 2 of which were done in pouring rain and 2 of which it rained the day prior to the start of the event.

I always bring 1 complete change of riding clothes for each lap I expect to do, that way I’ll have dry clothes for the next lap. There’s nothing worse than having to put on wet cycling shorts. Roach pads are also great to put on when they are wet and cold, but most riders don’t have multiple pairs. Of course, you’ll want to bring some extra clothing for lounging around the campsite.

Bring towels to dry yourself off after a lap.

If it gets cool at night be sure to have some sort of water/wind proof shell to protect your upperbody. You may also want to wear long cycling pants to keep your legs warm. I find the 12 - 4am laps are the toughest as I’m almost always cold/hungry/tired prior to the start of those laps, so don’t be afraid to overdress for night time laps, you call always take clothing off.

Make sure you’re confident that your lights will hold up in a down pour. There is nothing worse than losing your lights in the middle of the night (although often there is someone willing to ride with you to the finish).

Mind the tree roots and rocks! They’re slippery! :slight_smile:

Have fun,

That’s good advice. Also, remember that a rainy lap is a slow lap - make sure you have battery power for at least double you daytime lap times.

Make sure you have a dry place to camp out between laps. It sucks to be stuck in your tent, hiding from the rain, and everything will get wet and filthy if you’re changing in your tent. Dry riding clothes but also lots of really warm, fleecy stuff for resting between laps.

And bring earplugs and eye-shades in case you want to sneak a nap between laps!

Have a ball! Rain makes it a bit tougher but night riding in the rain is the absolute best there is! It’s muddy and slippy and hard and silly - you gotta love it!


Thanks a lot for the advice guys. I didn’t realise I’d need that many sets of clothes. I’ve only got one pair of cycling shorts. Luckily there’ll be a big dry area for the bike shop we’re riding with. It’ll be so much fun!

The 24hr is in 5 days!!!:stuck_out_tongue: