Wet Seat care?

Just received my new KH Freeride seat, and guess what, being as experienced as i am, i leapt completely and voluntarily under my own power into a creek, submerging the seat, w–t!
well, more or less anyway
however, i was wondering, should i take the cover off and dry the foam pad and cover, or just leave it, will it matter? i.e get mouldy and damaged?

As its Kh and the seat covers come off easily I would take off the cover and leave it to dry. The water isnt going to do it any good, it may mould or if it has a metal reinforcement plate that may rust.

yeah, in my experiences, water=trouble.

Just let it dry - it won’t do it much harm. Mine’s pretty much permanently wet. The foam itself doesn’t soak up much water (it’s possibly closed cell foam I think), so it’s really just the cover that gets wet. Don’t worry about it.


Mine have been in puddles, canals and mud holes and have been on loads of all-day constant-rain rides and have held up fine.

I’ve jumped into a lake before with my uni. I took the seat cover off and blow dried the seat cover and the foam padding. before I submerged by seat, it had never gotten wet, besides maybe some rain. But when I took my seat cover off, there was already a big patch of mold, about the size of my fist. You’ll still be able to ride the uni, but I suggest you take off your seat cover just to be safe.


I was going to ride ride my uni into a friends pool but wasn’t sure what it would do to the seat…now that I now it will be ok I can jump on in :smiley:

you want to know something cool?
your seat will not soak up any water. the only thing wet is the cover/nooks and crannies, don’t worry about it. it will be fine.
I’ve put mine through the carwash more than once…

Honestly, even if everything seems okay I would avoid purposely fully submerging your unicycle. You don’t want anything rusting up - frame, tubular cranks etc.

that sounds smart… try it on an old uni that doesnt really matter anymore!

already done…

i ATTEMPTED to do a frontflip into water on my unicycle

the seats are closed cell foam. i don’t believe I have seen one that wasn’t