Western USA Unimeet

Hey All,

  My Uni club will be holding a western unimeet(Hopefully) and we were wondering how many of you would be able to come?

Who: Anyone
What: NNUC’s 1st anual Unimeet
When: Sometime during spring break
Where: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Rsvp: Muni Catboy@aol.com
Extra: We may be able to house a few people(5 max.) and Reno is a town that has lots and lots of motels(Reno is 15 mins away from the area well be riding in but we all live in Reno) We can pick peple up at the airport.
This is a Maybe kinda thing and we can only have it if a few things work out(asking roomates for space, money, # of peole that wanna come).:smiley:


My Address is MuniCatboy@aol.com sorry that the other link split.:stuck_out_tongue:


love to

I’d go if i could. i’ve only been uni’ing for about 6 months currently and would love to go. I’ve never ridden with anyone else before and i think that would be really cool.

Where is the planned event location, and what activities do you plan? For housing, we could rent a big cabin in the area. If it’s post-ski season, the prices drop a lot. A big cabin, shared by a large group, can work out to being a lot cheaper than hotels, and it worked great for MUni Weekend 2000.

Keep an eye on Dylan Wallinger’s plans for a MUni Weekend sometime in the Spring on Vancouver Island. I would hate for there to be a conflict.

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