Western U.S. UniMeet?

I am one of a few(3-4) in a Midwestern Unicycle club and we might be having a Muni/Uni meet soon at Mt.Rose near Lake Tahoe, Nevada. But we dont want to be the only ones there and we all were wondering if anyone in the western area such as CA OR and other places micht want to come. Please respond if you are interested in this event at all.


Anyone interested at all? :thinking:

I live in the bay area, near Berkeley. I’m interested, but between my being a hapless newbie, and being fairly busy for the next month or so, I don’t think I’d be able to make it.


Dont worry about being a newbie none of us are pros and we are having this over two days, one for muni, and one for freestyle fun and It’ll probably be sometime next spring during Spring break or something. Contact Me via E-Mail at: MuniCatboy@aol.com for any other details k!:smiley:

Ah. Well, if it’s next spring, I’ll either be much better, or have given up. :smiley:

Well, considering the pace of my progress so far, it’ll probably be the first one…

So… Is that a maybe or a probably not because we really want anybody who can come.:smiley:


That’s a probably yes… It all depends on how the next couple of months work out financially.


Well I hope that things work out so you can come and if you know any other unieers then let them know. Keep in touch Jon.

Any others?


All I need is an excuse to MUni, some engineered time off and some more specific rendezvous information (date/place, et al.) to dream it into reality. Details please.



Oh yeah? Well then you need to hook up with us Jackson, MS boys. That’d be all 2 of us. I know you are busy busy these days with your new job and the growth of the club.

I found some AWESOME trails, oh man, here in Mississippi. They are the Clear Springs trails. They are about 90 minutes south of Jackson (1 hour south, 30 minutes west). There is a lake with some camping and stuff around it, with 3 trails: a 1 mile lake trail that isnt great for riding (too sandy), a 12 mile very difficult hilly trail (Tally’s) and a 5 mile trail that is more manageable. I went there a few weekends back with my Boss (who rides a mountain bike) and it rocked. I have yet to drag Chris there because when he is well he goes hang gliding (and I dont blame him, its cool). They are working on a new trail that the Park Ranger (a mountain bike fan, who thought me being on the uni was cool) says is almost done and should be the premire trail in the south. That’s a tall order but his enthusiasm is contagious. I may even volunteer to do trail maintenance. I even sent off for the volunteer forms … a big step for a procrastinator like me.

Anyway, we have to hook up for some Muni soon, perhaps some time down in Clear Springs. I need to come visit Memphis again soon.

That reminds me, what are some good Hotels near you that are safe and affordable? I’d like to have a list so that on a weekend where you are personally too busy to let us crash at your place, but in which you’ll take a couple hours off for a club event, Chris and I could stay and make a Memphis weekend out of it just for us, hooking up with you just for the times you can make it. So, it’d be nice to know of a couple of convenient hotels.


Hey Lewis,

Where ya been, man?

Let’s get together over Thanksgiving. I’d be happy to drive down to Mississippi. Or, as you know, you are always welcome here in our home. If you and Chris would like to come up - come on! My work life will change after Nov. 9th. I’ve been working on a huge diversity program that will end at about 1:06 p.m. on that date. If you want to come up that weekend, too, y’all are welcome but I can’t play until late that afternoon. Sunday would be free, however.

Are y’all working on Friday after T’giving? I think that it is my turn to do the travelling but where we meet hardly matters. It is that time of year where we get to get muddy! Yehaw!



As to where I’ve been, well, I go through periods where I post on the forum more, and periods where it is less. I’ve been unicycling a LOT, almost every day, except now that the daylight savings time is back to what it should be, the one downside is that there is not enough light to ride. Jackson doesnt really have any well lit areas to ride at night other than Walmart parking lots, so I dont know how I’ll get a daily fix.

Anyway, I’m also juggling a lot. My job is going through things now, and while its only rumor, we expect up to 40% cuts in IT here, soon. That is just the rumor, not anything official. Just speculation. But of course it creates stress. So, I’ve been posting a little less. But I’m down here.

As for riding, I’m good and available every weekend, but I am not good at planning and setting dates and times, so I usually find it easy to show up at an event than to organize one. So, I usually juggle on Saturdays with the Juggle club, but I’m always up for you coming down or me coming up.

So, yeah, I’m not off (yet) the friday after thanksgiving but assuming im still employed, I will probably take off. I’m considering taking the whole week, but I just got assigned to 2 new projects (which has nothing to do with whether or not I’ll be laid off) so I may be able only to get the day.

Anyway, I’m here, and I read all the club-related emails you (and the others) send. Keep em coming.


If you held the meet in Las Vegas, I’d consider it. I think it
would be cool to Muni in Red Rock Canyon or in the Valley
of Fire, but I wonder if the park officials would allow it.
I go out there about once a year but haven’t been
there since I got my Muni.

Get a bike light. They work great! I have a NiteRider Halogen
15W lamp to go with my 29" Pashley for trail riding. It gives off
enough light to clearly see the bumps and dips on the dark trails.
I haven’t tried it yet for Muni.

MUC Thread Jacking in Progress

I’v been on the wire with Tim- he’s stoked to come down and do some more riding ('cept for this week end)… maybe we can conn him into making the trek all the way down here with Tommy.


Nice way we spun this thread toward the South, huh?

So when are we getting together? Everybody can come to Memphis and play on Saturday, Nov. 9th without me until the afternoon and then we can ride together on the 10th - Tour de Wolf Trails or Stanky Creek. I can’t really get out of town until the Friday after t’giving. How about doing a Detla Rendezvous the weekend of 9th and 10 in Memmphis and then again near Jackson, MS. on the weekend of T’giving?


To get back to the topic, I’m very interested in a MUni get-together on or near Mt. Rose. I’m sure many of the other MUni people around here would be interested as well.

Please note that Mt. Rose is covered with snow during winter and spring. The Mt. Rose ski resort is probably open until April or May.

Why Mt. Rose? Know any good trails up there? I know the ones I’ve been on, but there are lots more in the Tahoe area that I haven’t.

Please also note, for whoever asked, I’m pretty sure you can’t unicycle anywhere in Red Rock or the Valley of Fire that isn’t paved.