Western PA (M)Uni weekend June 3-5, 2011

We’ll get this in the Events section when things solidify, but here’s the initial rumor:

June 3-5, 2011 we’ll be hosting a mostly muni weekend in the vicinity of Butler, PA. We’ve got several areas of really amazing trails within an hour’s drive of here, so get in shape!

The tentative lowdown:

Friday evening: Polo or Trials. Get acquainted- maybe with mallets.

Saturday: Ride- probably Moraine State Park or Hartwood Acres for the morning and afternoon. Polo or Trials in the evening.

Sunday: Probably North Park. It’s close to I-76 for those non-locals who want to jet for home mid afternoon. The rest of us (if we still have energy) will be up to some unicycle related shenanigans after Sunday’s ride.

Some other initial details:

Cost will be cheap (maybe $20, but probably not). We’re looking to have fun. After all the hassles it was last year to put on BCSR, I’m looking to have as little overhead (and stress) as possible. We’re got at least a half a dozen locals who have had a long winter and are looking to ride. We may not even have T-shirts (or you may have to make your own).

Over 18 very preferred. If you’re under, you may have to be accompanied by a parent on all rides.

We can probably find a place for you to crash if you commit to coming.

This is going to be a fun weekend. We’re going to ride. We can accomodate (and cater to) many levels of riders- especially if you’re honest about your abilities up front. We’ve ridden with uni riders taking their first trip off-road to accomplished experts. All of us have some uni racing experience, but don’t let that intimidate you.

Interested? Respond to this thread for now. More details to follow later. Our blog www.butlerwobble.blogspot.com will be the first place to look.

Can’t make this weekend, or maybe you’re more into racing? Check out The Fat Tire Challenge on June 18. There’s a uni class!

That sounds like a ton of fun. Pretty sure I can’t make it, though.

I’m hoping to attend. I just need to get out my current funk. I’ve been sick for a few weeks now, but I think I’m about to break free of it. I haven’t ridden since April 9th! Ugh.

I’ll be trying to regain my endurance during May.

I’ll be looking for some place to stay Friday and Saturday night.


There’s been a slight change of plans:

The Butler-Freeport Rail-Trail inaugural ride is June 4th. They’ve spent a boatload of time and resources on this project (over 10 years!), and the people involved are AMAZING! We ride with them on a regular basis and they’ve asked that we join in (on unis) on the first official run of the full trail. It’s a HUGE step towards making our community more bike/uni friendly and we’re going to be part of it.

The short version: bring a 36er and join us for a 45 mile ride on the 4th. We can muni on Sunday- or the 11th-12th. Some locals may not be up to snuff after the long ride on Sat to do a hard ride on Sunday so it won’t be as intense as it could be.

The longer version: Most will probably be a bit beat after the 4th, so we’re going to push back the (M)Uni weekend to the 11th-12th if anyone’s interested in making the trip (Buzz? We got you covered for a place to stay- easily done either weekend if you don’t mind a dog in the house). We can follow the same even schedule initially proposed or modify as necessary.

The bottom line is that we just want to do a lot of riding this summer. From my experience, most unicyclists are cool and fun people. We’ve got a local core group that is having a blast and we want to share the good times.