Western Illinois UNI-versity

Now that I’m all settled into college, I’m finally getting in some lost uni time. The campus is much larger than the one back home, so I’m really digging it. I was kinds worried that many people would think I was being a show-off and/or a really big nerd. But for the most part, many people comment and say how cool it is. Several people even said that they “really wanted to ride one of those.” No joke.

All the stairs, pathways, benches, hills, and ledges really got me up and going. The Heat kinds sucks though. Damn, it is just too hot.

Anyway, except for class, I couldn’t be happier. Such a cool place to be. College campuses are arguably the best places to ride.

The attached pic is me in my room after me and my parents finished setting up, pre-mess.

Take it easy guys. :smiley:


Where in illinois are you??? And yes, it’s been too damn hot lately.


well i was in Quincy… now i’m in Macomb. About two hours northeast of quincy. Put pretty much everything in northeast or south east of quincy since that is about far west in Illinois you can get.

With a car, you are close to Peoria. I have Muni-ed there, their trails are hard and fun. You might want to take a look. http://www.pambamtb.org/html/