Western Canadian Uni Weekend

May Long Weekend (17th-19th) Western Canada Uni Weekend:

Will be held an hour and half from Calgary.
Saturday @ 10:00 am will be the Trials competition. See signature for a mere glimpse. Prizes may be given from CanadianUnicycling.com and the new UDC Canada. There will be no entry fee, but feel free to donate as this course cost a pretty penny in gas, diesel, wood, tools, spikes, etc. All extra money will go as a cash prize for the winner. I will not compete as I have ridden the course too much for it to be fair, but I will be riding. There will also be skill competitions for:
-High jump (over a bar or pallets)
-Static gap
-Rolling gap
-Snazziest trick/line
Many Vancouver unicyclists and Albertan riders have shown interest in coming out. Last year we had 6 contestants, and hopefully this year will be over a dozen. I have plenty of space for people to camp. Riding will continue after the competition until we are too tired to ride. We will have a nice bonfire and marsh mellows at night.

We head back to Calgary Sunday morning and ride some wicked urban. Calgary is full of amazing trials line and is home to the biggest outdoor (and free) skate park in North America. Bowls, rails, ledges, sets, whatever, it has it in numbers! People are welcome to sleep over at my place in Calgary. I have a large living room and big back yard with two bathrooms.

Monday (Victoria day) is open for some more riding! Some people will have to leave, but we will still ride downtown again.

The Sliver Trials Comp:
Will follow Kris Holm’s written rules, but with one exception: an addition half point will be given if the line is completed first try, and another half if no pedal/crank grabs are used. There will be around 20 or so lines varying in difficulty, so it should be fun for all skill levels.

PM me for questions and registration, or contact me at DanniCormo@hotmail.com.