West Coast Unicycles Sticker

We bought two stickers and don’t need the second one. The decal is 5" in diameter. $1.00 plus shipping via Paypal or otherwise and I’ll mail it to you.



By the way, shipping stateside would be 37 cents.

kidding right?

Kidding of what part? Shipping in the states is no more than a regular .37 stamp on an envelope. Is that what you meant?

Hey Yoopers,

Check your PM (Private message).


Sorry folks. Evan Byrne was first in line and is the grand prize winner. I did however find the email address of the guy who listed them on Ebay in the first place. I don’t see the stickers listed anymore but his email address is Beavinsons@aol.com. If you contact him, you might want to steal and send the picture I posted here just to make sure he knows exactly what you’re talking about. He also listed a “Have you hugged your unicyclist” sticker. Here’s a link to a picture of the stickers on our club trailer.

I paid one dollar for each sticker but I think the guy wanted a bit more for shipping than just a first class stamp. Hope that helps.



Nobody get any ideas now…