West Coast Unicycle Basketball???

Hi all, I am starting a unicycle basketball team hear in Orange County and hope to eventually grow it out and compete against other teams. Is there anything else like that on the west coast? I have a lot of interest in my club and we are starting practice soon. Let me know if you are interested in playing with my club or if there are any other teams out there.

i am in

I’ll give it a go, I know Jamey would be interested, we’ve talked about it.

We have a very active game in Berkeley and would definitely be interested in competing. (Although perhaps not interested in going to SoCal to compete). Good luck!

We are still a ways from that! But down the line it would be fun.

We have a good group here in Phoenix that play.

That is neat! Where do you practice? Do you use a gym or just play outside?

In Berkeley we play on Tuesday nights at an outdoor court with lights. But we will have an indoor court next Friday at the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival. Indoors is nicer, if you can find a place that will let you do it.

Ya, I’d for sure be in! Even though I like playing unicycle hockey more, I’d still be down with basketball. Heck, maybe we could even play some hockey after basketball practice! I think hockey is a little be easier for beginners as they have a stick they can use to stay on. But then again I think it’d be hard to find a place to play some hockey down here in Southern California…

It’s called a parking lot. I understand there are plenty of them down there.

So we will start meeting regularly for basketball once the California unicycle events are over. So probably the week after California Muni Weekend we can have our first basketball meet up. We are going to have our beach bon fire on October 25th in the evening so we can have our first game there!!! It should be fun. I would be down for trying hockey too but we would need more supplies for that!

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