West Coast (CA) unicyclists needed for TV show

A friend of mine who works in television has asked me to help casting for a show for her. I think it’s basically ‘extra’ work (no starring roles for unicyclists!).

My friend writes (I edit):
We need 4 unicyclists for an upcoming episode of "Zeke and “Luther.” Promise not to laugh…the look is…biker gang.

The show is AFTRA, but because it’s such a special skill, non-members probably are ok, and/or can be Taft-Hartley’d.

“People interested can email me pictures and contact information to centralelana@gmail.com, I believe it works Monday 4/11.”

CA is a rather large state. Can you tell us the vicinity of the need?

I’ll give you one (likely) guess.

Yes, Maestro and I are about 6-7 hours from LA by car (longer if you go the speed limit). Hey, aren’t you from a similar state? According to many New Yorkers, you used to live in “New York” but now you live in “the sticks,” right? :slight_smile:

It’s kind of sad that in a metro area as big as LA they can’t seem to scrape up enough unicyclists even to do a (strange) Ford commercial…

They easily could if more unicyclists had agents! It was a SAG gig, so unless you have an agent, you don’t have much chance of even knowing about the gig. And you can’t just walk on the Fox lot or wherever without valid representation, no matter how good you might be. And I will be happy to take as many “strange” commercials as I can get! And not to jinx it, but I’ve got another national spot lined up! :slight_smile:

David_Stone, I sent off an email. Sounds like fun!

If it’s close enough then maybe… I’m doubtful cause I live in nor cal

Spencer Hochberg!

Holy crap! They should try to get Spencer Hochberg to do the show. He goes to UCLA which hopefully isn’t too far away from the studio. Who could be better to represent unicycling on mainstream TV?

Thanks, not sure that I have a biker gang image. For this stuff they usually just want people that fit the look and don’t care if you’re good.

A while ago I sent stuff to a couple different agents that looked awesome, then I never heard anything from them. I’d like to do more tv stuff though.