werid rattle

my Nimbus hopply is making a weird rattle:( i thought the frame wasnt tight enough but its still there even after i tightend can any one provied answers? :thinking:

tighten the spokes…next problem.

lets see…:
frame (where attached to bearings)

any combination of these

The things that can be too loose are, in approximate order of likelihood:

Bearing clamps
Seat components
Seat clamp
(Brake components if you have a brake)

Rattly noises come either from loose bearing clamps or very loose spokes.

Creaks and ticks come from loose cranks or loose spokes.

Random squeaky noises come from your seat if (a) any of the bolts relating to the seat or handle are loose, or (b) you are vegetarian.

A loose crank or loose pedal should be noticeable when you pedal.

Cranks and pedals should be tight.

Bearing clamps should be snug, but not overtight.

A good rule of thumb is that the bigger the nut/bolt, the more you tighten it. You will notice that bearing clamps have very small nuts/bolts.

Do not adjust spokes unless you have a rough idea what you are doing.

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