We're on CNN!

Grasshopper/Adventure Unicyclist Tours mentioned on CNN:

11 Alternative tours for the unconventional tourist

Funnily enough, they used Zach Warrens photo from Afghanistan. We won’t be doing a tour there just yet, but there are still a couple of places left on the Mongolia Tour

We’re on CNN?




awesome that unicycling is #1, but then, no wonder - the rest of the things on there were un-inspiring.

Don’t you mean uni-nspiring? Oh no, that’s something else.

Definetely the Best!

Unicycling is without a question the best uncomventional thing on that list!

Now I would like to combine a few of them with unicycling:

Imagine pub unicycling (Instead of pub crawling!) in Phuket and Singapore!

Trying to side hop up as far as you can up that Khmer monument!

Slaloming through all that garbage in the Mumbai slum!
I think that the smart thing to do would be to use that railroad rail as a skinny!

Ninja sword fights while riding a unicycle!

When you are perfectly ballanced on your wheel I think you have found your soul. So why go to that Korean Temple?

I don’t even want to comment on the nip-tuck in Singapore!

Since that dude in the picture allready looks like a clown
and we all know that unicycling and clowns are inseperable . . .
What about the gay friendly tour on unicycles without saddles?


From the CNN link: “US$1,850 a person, including food and equipment.”

Please confirm that the equipment that’s included is a KH36 with Schlumpf hub.

Sorry, uniShark. Not only do they provide no unicycle, but the price is US$2,000, the trip leader is on a bike, and their spare vehicles are bikes! :astonished: Can you imagine your uni failing, then they expect you just to learn to ride a two-wheeled device quickly enough to continue the tour?!

Seriously, though, it’s good press, and I’m happy to see that there are such tours. I was confused when I saw the name: “Monguni”. I thought it was geared toward those with gunis (a MONgolia GUNIcycle tour), but it seems rather that it’s a MONGolia UNIcycle tour. I guess a niche market can only be so specific.

I was the first person I know to ride a unicycle inside Angkor Wat. Does that count?

It’s $1850! Yes, we have support vehicles but they are if you want a challenge you can get on one of the novelty unicycles. They are twice as hard because you have to balance TWO wheels!!!

We still have a couple of places left. www.monguni.adventureunicyclist.com

It was meant to be Mong-Uni not Mon-GUni but I guess there will be a few Gunis on tour. I’m going to be riding my 29’er Unguni :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Ken, thanks for providing the other link. It currently just says US$2000 on the grasshopper link CNN provides, but on the site you provide I can see that before May 1, it’s $1850, then after May 1, there’s an additional $150 OXFAM donation. I get it now.

I envy those of you going on this trip! Please enjoy the experience on behalf of the whole unicycling community. I will be doing some muniing in Colorado around that time at the Psychiatric Service Dog Society Gathering. I’m pretty sure that sentence has never before been uttered.

Very Cool Giizmo!

The great thing about riding in exotic foriegn countries is that you can’t understand their version of “Where is the other wheel!”