We're off to Shangri-La! Yunnanuni: China Unicycle Tour 2011

I just thought this would be a good time to start an official Yunnanuni: China Unicycle Tour 2011 thread.

The tour starts on the 8 August, which is only a couple of days away. Most of our riders are on the way there…

We’ll try to keep you updated on the tour website as well as on this thread.

Check out our tour blog as we ride through the mountains of China:

I fly out in 9hrs~!


Awesome, enjoy every minute of it.


Yunna have-a good time!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Hope the food plays well with your tummy!

Thanks guys,

We had a hectic couple of days- courtesy of a typhoon that grounded us in Shanghai.

We managed to get a rescheduled flight today, to Lijiang and then a long bus trip to Shangri-La!

Hope all the riders have arrived safely…see you tonight.


Currently 11 of the 14 riders are at the start of the tour, and it sounds like everyone else will be here in time for the official start tonight with our dinner briefing before we head off tomorrow morning! The is interesting to say the least…

Good luck and have lots of fun! sounds amazing.

Good luck! Looking forward to the write-ups and pics.

Wow jealous already. Be safe and have fun if you can do both. LOL

Hope things go smoothly from here! Wish I was there with you guys.

Hi everyone,

We’re here at The Tiger Leaping Gorge above the Yangze river. Our guesthouse is perched on a cliff looking across the gorge to another cliff on the other side.

We descended over 1000m yesterday, which was one of the longest descents most of our riders had ever done. Today is a rest day and there are lots of sore achy bodies from the last 3 days riding, although a few people have set off up the mountain to a waterfall.

Can’t upload any photos just yet- the internet here is horrendously slow, but we’ll try to upload at our next stop.


Hey everyone! We’re just finishing up a rest day in the town of Shaxi and finally with the help of Gilby’s proxy to get around the Great Firewall of China we’ve been able to update the blog for the past 7 days of riding. Also, we’ve uploaded some of John Stone’s pictures. Check it out: yuni.adventureunicyclist.com

Congratulations to Gilby on his firewall breaking skills. Thanks for posting the photos and writeups - it’s great to keep up with you guys from so far away. Hope you’ve had the end of the torrential downpours!

Hi everyone,

We’re all back from China now- the ride was fantastic, and we have some amazing photos to share.

I’ve just updated the website: http://yuni.adventureunicyclist.com

There are still a couple of updates and photo galleries to go online, but it’s mostly up now.

Here are a few pics from Tiger Leaping Gorge


Here’s a great interview of Tony Melton during the tour:

Sean Bennett, one of the riders, created this one-hour video documentary of the Yunnanuni tour. Enjoy!

Nice video. It would’ve been nice to go with you guys, but such is life.