We're learning - thanks for info from this mailing-list

I learned about the mailing list on 15-July and have enjoyed reading the
infomration everyone has been sharing. My daughter and I have been
toying with a unicycle on and off for a couple years. I bought it the
year I turned 40 figuring it was probably cheaper than a sports car or
an extramarital affair.

    This is the first summer we've really been serious about learning to
    ride. I got the USA "Skills Level Demonstrated" tape, and although the
    superstars shown didn't really build our confidence, it was a good tape
    and certainly showed the potential of a unicycle.

    Once I saw the information in "pub/Users/terry/unicycling", I then got
    around to ordering a couple of the Jack Wiley books that I'd seen listed
    as "Books in Print" at the local library. I ordered "The Complete Book
    of Unicycling" (187pgs, 1984, $27.95) and "How to Ride a Unicycle"
    (33pgs., 1989, $6.95), adding a $2.00 per order shipping and handling
    charge (no credit cards accepted), from: Solipaz Publishing Co., Box
    366, Lodi, CA 95241
             (209) 368-1595

    I sent for the books on 3-Aug, and they arrived a few weeks later on
    18-August. There is some useful information on learning, but more just
    good background information. I may order the "Building bikes and
    unicycles..." when we improve our riding a little more.

    We mailed for catalogs from Semcycle and the Unicycle Factory, and they
    both responded in a week. It's obvious that it's easier to get questions
    answered or order over the phone, but I found the initial information
    useful before we made the phone call. (the addresses and phone numbers
    have been posted/mailed previously).

    I ended up ordering a Semcycle XL, 24" and a new seat for a out-of-
    production Concord unicycle I orginally owned. "Semcycle" was very
    helpful on the phone and called us back (in N.H.) to confirm what he had
    - then shipped the order right away, trusting us to send a check!

    So we're now more serious about learning. I can ride about 20-30 yards
    and my daughter is improving along the wall. The local elementary school
    has a few good walls and playground for learning.

    Just wanted to thank those who have been submitting E-mail and share
    what we're doing.