Were in the newspaper.

Here is an article of me and a few buddies…http://www.yrng.com/article/53129

Kinda cool.



“The 2007 world championships were held in Spain.”

Thats funny because there are no worldchampionships 2007 and there never was a worldchampionship in spain.

what was held in spain?

the only international uni event i can think of from 2007 has been FLUCK and that was in Denmark. They cant mean unicon cause thats every other year.

Doesn’t matter what was written about the championships ie… where…
Congratulations on getting in the paper. Maybe your local bike shop will start supporting you now that you got them some press. Way to go guys.

WEll Adam is new to unicycling so he didnt really know. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the uni shop in Markham called?

thats cool. i got my picture in the paper when i was a total noob, and almost got hit by the reporters car, so he put me in the paper:p . it is always cool to get in the paper!!

Oh its just a bike shop…that sells basic unicycles