We're in the newspaper!

Hey guys. yesterday we all had a great time showing off in front of this newspaper photographer, and today he put us in the paper. Here’s the article.
there are a few mistakes, but it’s a pretty cool article.

Great article! That’s the first time I’ve seen a newspaper article on uni include a video link! What was the deal with 661 & 7-11 at the beginning? Are you sponsored by both? Anyway cool writeup! I only wish I had just ONE riding buddy in my area. I’ll be posting my article next Thursday! :smiley:

I’m sponsored by 661, and the date that I made the vid on was seven eleven, so I decided to call the vid seven eleven. The photographer was really nice and put my video on the page.

Im pretty sure he is sponsored by 661 and made the vid on 7/11
Edit: beat me to it


Today me and two mates got in the paper too… and we were on the regional news!! :smiley: :sunglasses:

awesome!! I love how he said though that we were watching a 2hour dvd though ahaha i didnt know defect was that long haha…
Too bad i cant just save the photos though…

Ok cool. So how did you get sponsored by sixsixone? Did you contact them or vice-versa? Did they decide to sponsor you by watching one of your vids? And does this mean you basically get discounts when buying stuff? And don’t you have to “renew” by sept. for the '08 season?

awesome job guys.

nice pics!

That is way cool. The pix are awesome. Taken with an experienced eye. The pix are great exposure for you guys. Nice riding too, on the vid. Those pix captured the sport really well.

Did you get the pix from the photographer on a CD? Sometimes photographers can do that.

Great to have dad and sons together riding! Right ON!

That was really cool great job. I hate how he said we took it to the same level as skateboarding.


I thought that was interesting… you should move :astonished:

That really cool =] Nice one.

thats awesome! those were some sweet pictures.

Yeah i just have to say that’s one of the best Uni writeups I’ve read, especially cool was the link to the video! Congrats again!:smiley:

Picture #5 is the best.

Awsome. I wish i could have been there. Great pics. Sweet that you got in the newspaper with an article about unicycling.

We got a mention

Unicyles can injure apparently.

Taken from our local newspaper.

Doug of Dannemora writes: “Having been a professional driver for a large part of my chequered career - from trucks to limos - here are some cautionary notes for pedestrians: Never step out on to a pedestrian crossing assuming that you have right-of-way and the cycle/car/truck/bus/skateboarder/unicyclist will stop (or even see you). Always wait until approaching traffic has stopped before you move a muscle. Even if you are wearing your fluoro safety vest and leggings, helmet, bullet-proof vest and harness and holding up a red flare, you are a candidate for an instant Darwin Award.”