We're in need of your response! | Upcoming YouTube videos

Initially posted this in the videos section but may be more relevant here…

So we’ve got a few videos on mine and Ben’s YouTube channel now, if you haven’t checked them out, feel free, the link’s in my signature. But my question is - What would you like to see in future videos?

We’ve got a variety of videos now with a few different atmospheres and settings but we’d like some community input to see what you’d like to see in the next videos, what sort of locations, editing and filming techniques and general video types, possibly more vlog type videos with updates of what we’re thinking and upcoming videos on top of our current range of purely unicycling based videos or any music you’d like to see us use in our videos.

Whatever your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to comment below and let us know! :slight_smile:

It would be nice to include some stats and a map to get an idea of the layout of the route/track. Most vids just show some random shots. Or make a actual movie :slight_smile:

I think something like a weekly skill series where each week you demonstrate or learn a different skill would pretty cool.
Other than that, just some tracks that you do or tricks or some tutorials would be pretty good.

That’s quite a nice idea - might try that out on hopefully some filming we’ll be doing at Whinlatter forests in the lake district at some point where there’s more of a trail.

Not sure what I could do for a movie - Not sure where i’d get all of the footage from, but hopefully in the future i’ll have enough to put something a bit longer together. What I do have planned in the near future is a fail video as I’ve got quite a few hilarious unicycling fails on footage so that could create quite a good video.

To do that we’d have to learn some skills :wink:

Might give it a go though when we get a bit better, thanks for the suggestions guys.