Were Do You Ride???

where do you ride?

colchester, rowhedge, clacton, the woods, greenstead and thats about it lol

i used to have the worst trias course ever lol, but now usuly my front yard and a ledge by the lake, i wentto the skatepark for the first time on my unicycle today

I’ve ridden in Moab, UT to San Diego, and most of the great trails in between. Lately I’ve been riding MUni in the Santa Monica Mtns, and also Aliso Viejo and Simi Valley. This weekend we’re doing the “Stunt” trail in Malibu! wOOt!:smiley:

At home, the nearest primary school to me, the nearest high school to me (the only places with steps).

Wherever the wheel points, I go.

Sometimes I go the opposite direction, but that’s not very often.

i have been riding up a storm the backyard trying to land 360 unispins, well not a storm.

is that really riding? i am not doing any pedaling.

My dogs old pen.
We gave him away and now we have a massive pen to the side of our house with two regular steps and three abnormabley large steps on it.

By the way, if any of you have parents like mine that think pallets make their house look trashy, I could post my partially portable and less area consuming trials course if you like.
Either post or pm me

for trials, down a the reserve down the road, obstacle course out the backyard, down the street! and occasionally the sk8park which is in the next town.

There is a paved bike/pedestrian path that comes near my house. I ride down the street and then ride around on that bike path. I’ve been making about a 3 mile loop on it.

Riding on roads (non-busy subdivision streets) is okay. Riding on sidewalks is a challenge due to numerous faults in the sidewalks.

I’m on a 20" unicycle, so I’m not out for distance, and not too interested in off-road right now.