were can I get theese pedals?

Does anyone know were I can buy pedals like these in the UK? I like these because they have large platforms with fully replaceable pins and a pin in the centre of the pedal.

I believe Halfords sell the wellgo pedal brand in store. It’s not listed on their site but I have seen it in there.

You can also check out chain reaction cycleshttp://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Brands.aspx?BrandID=172&PartnerID=989&gclid=CNrb57_Yk40CFQzolAodUnTtLQ

Personally if you want replaceable pins go for some DMR V8s they’re lovely:)

It is “Where can I get these pedals?” by the way not “were can I…”

Yeah, the DMR v8’s

I have never tried them, but they come with a grease fitting and a syringe of grease. That seems like a great idea.

We don’t sell that pedal though, most of our Wellgo pedals are just standard plastics…the metal ones are just naff.

I’d go for some DMR V8s/V12s or if you’re feeling richer, some DMR V12 magnesiums, now they’re lovely pedals.

Mm DMR V12s all the way, having said that I recently discovered Id bent the axle on one of mine.

Thankyou to everyone for your advice, I might go into halfords next time Im in town and have a look or just keep a look out on ebay for some more. Has anyone used the Wellgo LU-A8 Flat Mountain Bike Pedals on a bike of uni? I saw them on a bike one and thought they looked good, I likes the fact they had skrew in pins from the back, large platforms and fully replaceable pins but mainly because they have a pin in the middle of the pedal.

have you tried puttin your own pin in the middle of a pedal ??

i dont know wether it would work. you could try drilling a hole where you want the pin and using a tap (or is it the die?) and screwing an old pin in.

might be worth trying it on an old pedal. and it might need sum lock tight or something similar to stop it falling out


I thought about welding studs onto my pedal but that idea didnt last long when I remembered my pedals are aluminium and that my aluminium weldings pretty poor.

Using a tap and die set seems like a good Idea, it would certainly be cheeper, I may give it a go. The only problem is I have snafus so it will be hard to get a pin in the middle without dammaging the pedal.

Get some Primo super tenderisers! Super big platforms, bombproof, replaceable pins that screw in from the back and only £20!

Rock on!