were can i find a DB-45 rim in the states?

well the title says it. but have any of you found a place i can buy online that is in the u.s.a? most unicycle stuff is made in canada! which is really gettin on my nerves.

I don’t know where you are getting your info but almost no unicycle stuff is made in Canada.

Which rim are you looking for? The 24" or the 19". AFAIK nobody in the US sells the rim on its own, but you can buy it from the U.K. and have it shipped to the US. Qu-ax is a German company but they have their stuff made in Taiwan, just like everyone else. They are also more popular in Europe so you might have a better time finding their stuff in Europe.

If you are absolutely deadset on only buying from the US then you will have to wait until the Nimbus Trials rim comes back in stock with 48 holes, assuming its going to.

Hopefully that helps.

yeah. I wish most unicycle stuff was made here in Canada. Most of it is manufactured outside of North America. This causes us Canadians to pay dearly in duty fees.

I think a lot of people are misinformed about duty fees.

I learned this recently:

I bought a set of forks from JensonUSA, shipped with UPS, I paid $26.50 for International Air shipping, forks got to my house the next day…

I paid $37.30 in TAX which is 14%, what we pay on stuff we buy locally in Ontario.

Last year when I got my Torker DX… it was around $90, which is 14% tax + 13% “Complete Bicycle” fee.

So basically, just buy parts from the US and you won’t have to pay a ton more.

Also try to get stuff shipped with UPS AIR if you can, doesn’t charge brokerage fees.