We're 3-wheelin'!

We had a few extra dollars laying around after Regionals so we decided to treat the club to a new 3-wheel stack unicycle. Sure is a pretty site! We bought a black frame and extensions but the tires are red, white, and blue and will look awesome in parades.

We opted for the 2.1 width Primo tires instead of the 1.85 figuring the wider tires might track better. John Drummond said that our first problem would come in trying to keep the tires tracking with each other. We quickly figured out how to adjust the tracking by loosening and tightening the bearing cap bolts on one side or the other, depending on which way we needed an extension to move. But now that we have the tires, I’m wondering about the decision as the 3-wheeler is more difficult because of the friction between the tires and the wider tires would most likely tend to contribute more friction. Of course I don’t have a 3-wheeler with 1.85 tires to compare it to and the extra friction may be negligible. Also, I have to think that the 2.1 has a taller profile than the 1.85 which may also contribute to the friction issue. I’ll have to report on our experiences later.

We’re still playing around with the air pressure. John D. told us that the pressure in each tire must be exactly the same for it to work the best. So far, I’ve got 20 lbs. in each but may reduce it some and try it. Time and experience will enable us to zero in on the optimal pressure.

The other instruction John gave us is that the bearing cap bolts on the extensions would loosen up after a bit of riding. Turns out to be very true. I’ve been tightening the bolts all evening. John said it’ll settle down eventually.

Either way, it’s a blast to ride and really turns some heads. Ben took it around the block this afternoon and had cars slowing down to stare. Now he’s after the 3-wheeler freemount. We’ll see. It’s quite a bit taller than the 5’ giraffe. We had club practice last night and the uni didn’t arrive until today. Too bad. Can’t wait for next Monday night now.

Time for bed.

:slight_smile: May I be the first to say to you but Congratulations to you Bruce. You made me very happy today. If you read my other thread in JC about my Semcycle Giraffe Unicycle, I’d had to take it back. Back on to you. The 3 wheeler is unbelievable. And I reckon you done proud of yourself and your family. As your son, Ben riding around half of your Town had motorist come to a stop and stare at your son riding a 3 wheeler unicycle thinking, “What the hell is that”. I’d laugh at a thought a moment ago. If I was driving by and seeing your son riding it, I’ll give him the Thumps Up and a toot on the horn. Now for me it’s time to do my rounds.
Goodluck Bruce and Family. Cheers.

David.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Very nice, you definately deserve it! Have you got any photos?


Thanks, guys.

No photos yet. We’ll try to get some posted as soon as we can, probably from our next club meeting next Monday night.


Re: We’re 3-wheelin’!

I’m sure they will!

Klaas Bil