Went on a long ride today.

So today, I thought I’d explore the trails by the old railroad bridge over the river. There are a lot of ATV trails back there that are just asking to be ridden! There was nothing too technical, but just enough to keep a guy like me happy. A little bit of mud, lots of sweat, and bugs make up for a sweet ride! I ended up being out there for 2 hours!

I went on a long ride today too. I think it was aobut 15 miles. I rode the whole length of the Santa Monica Beach Bike path on my 24" and boy am I sore. That’s what I get for trying to double the longest distance Iv’e ever ridden. It took me about three ours and I only stopped 3 times. The camelbak sure does make a difference. I really need to get a computer now though so I know how far Ia m actually riding.

I went around a lake a couple times today and I did some dirt path riding, all in all 4 miles, the temperature and the lighting was perfect, and it barely tired me out, but I still am sore and I have abrasions on my legs, but I had to get off for dumb people who don’t yield to unicycles :angry: