Went for a ride

We (Ben, Rowan and myself) went for a ride today with a friend of ours who rides a mountain b*ke. Ben tryed doing a rather technical 7 foot dropoff onto a nasty landing. After 6 atempts at doing this he decided it was a bad idea. I think (don’t quote me) it had something to do with the blood!!!

So tomblackwood this picture is to show you that you arn’t the only one to use your face as a break :smiley:

Ben is alright but cann’t move one sholder, i think he should get hard and try it again. “I will, i just stoped because of the blood and concusion” he is saying over my sholder. lol

And the best part is that he has WORK TOMOROW!!! HAHAHAHA


oooh be that hurt

As soon a Ben is stable enough to be moved, you should lift his head off that rat’s nest. Laying in that mess cannot be good for his overall health. :smiley:

“7 foot technical drops?”, maybe ignore the rat’s nest, get Ben admitted to the nearest Psych Ward, immediately. --chirokid–

I will poast a vid later today

Man… those are some nasty teeth. and that Hair! Yuck! What a dirty complexion! UGH!

Oh! He’s bleeding too!


yes lots of blood :smiley: (Always a good thing), he atempted the drop 6 or 7 times, never made it but looked good on film :smiley:

Here is a video of Ben coming off his uni on the last try he had at the dropoff

your link is bunk.

Busta’s Falls

I think the drop is about 6 foot high, but Ben flew a couple more feet when his Unicycle catapulted him down the hill into the lump. His dirty complexion is due to the face plant into the dirt on the 6th attempt. The fifth attempt was when Ben’s shoulder thumped into the aforementioned lump.

The bunk link worked for me. If only the clip were to include more of the highlights, it only shows the grand finale. I am lurking next to the tree to the right of Ben at the start of the clip, watching the Drop from above (you can hardly see me in low resolution).

could anybody explain the difference between a ‘technical’ 7 foot drop and the ‘common-or-garden-variety’ 7 foot drop?


The tecnical one has a root sticking out 1/2 way down, it also have a slight camber, and after the takeoff you need to twist to land on the right angel…there where angels involved, thats what made it hard…

your link is still bunk.

It works for me :thinking: hmmmm

Not for me. Right click -> save as, any good?

nope, still bunk

Hmmm, might be general internet brokeness then, cos it worked fine for me an hour or so ago. There have been a lot of ‘issues’ over the last couple of days.


if you left click you get a “Page not found” thing from yahoo,but if you right click “save as” it works…ive never seen that before.

that was definatly some forest crunch.

when i try n right click and ‘save target as’, i get an error message saying that IE couldn’t download the file as the site couldn’t be opened or couldn’t be found



Not being able to download it has to do with them exceeding bandwidth limitations…
I grabbed it early this morning b/c nobody had been downloading it for a while…

Ugly landing :astonished: But at least you went for it!!


i thoguht he would give up after the first try, but no i threw himself off the drop 6 or 7 times, each with a similur bail as in the video :smiley: