Wellington Trials Weekend

Heres my video for the trip me and my friends took to welly.

Youtube =

Vimeo = http://vimeo.com/3442048

The vimeo one lags for some reason

youtube doesnt work for me says its no longer available

decent riding… sucks about the rain.

lagging wasn’t tooo bad on vimeo

click the title at the top of the embedded youtube video and watch it on youtube.it works that way but its pretty annoying.Not much riding from me cause i was too busy filming and riding it all

Cool Video. I love those kind of rides.

im not normally like that,i think it was because it was so windy and i was walking around with it at the same time

very nice vid :):slight_smile:
good riding and music, and some very nice trial lines :roll_eyes:

I like video’s where unicyclists and trial bikers ride together :wink:

Sweet. Who were all the riders?

Patrick - bike with blue rims
Matt - bike with gold rims
Duncan - guy with green helmet
Me - guy with kh frame
Ben - guy gliding near the end

Joe Dyson and Tim (bike rider) came aswell but i didnt film any of them.Also didnt film some of the best stuff on the last day cause i was busy riding it all

pritty nice vid, respect for still going all out in the wet like that.

Great Vid. it’s always cool to see Bikers and Uni Guys riding together. Nice!


Whats the name of the 1st song please? :thinking:

Kings of leon - Use somebody

Nice trials vidy, really enjoyed it!