Wellington NZ - This year so far.

youtube -

quality got a bit munted. oh well.

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sweet I liked it, I was thinking way isn’t Mike doing more big stuff then he done the grind lol and that was about it, other then that enjoyed it

That bench, right at the start, looks as though it is going to snap. There was a lot of flex in it.

Good vid!

cool vid guys

Wow, why didn’t anyone tell me when Mike became The Man? That grind was awesome!

The 7spin also looked really cool. I kept pausing halfway through :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the comments so far guys.

p.s Mike was always the man ^^

all of that was sweet!
1:50 looked like some sort of martial arts move

Really good.

flippin some big sets! i like!

around 2:30, was that a rolling crank flip…thing? i liked it.

That thing was a walk the dog (think thats what people call it) We were just messing around on flat trying to do a bunch of tricks without the uni leaving the ground haha.

Glad your enjoying the big sets, hopefully il nail the flip down the 9 soon.

I love you guys

yeeeah guys! :slight_smile: awesome stuff. so jealous of you all having people to ride with! Duncan your crazy man those flips are huuge. Nice trey flip joe! everything esle was amazing as well. ie 180 rev? down that ledge mike…

lol you used the 180 rev and didnt even use the sick bench line i did just opposite that ledge.Loved it

Awesome feel from this video. Hard to explain.

Riding was good too.

Are you still riding ?

Yes. Recovered from a knee injury, back to my old self (and ability)

ooooo good news.You should try and get to Naucc

I think that line is missing haha, wasnt left out intentionally xD

yo, i’ve literally seen like 5 videos in the past week with this same exact song.

but this vid is the winner, by like 1000x…lol:p

Haha yeah, me too! It’s a good song, but it’s getting way over used.

This video is awesome, too:)