Wellgo WAM-B67

these are awesome. i love the huge platform. they have a slim design, yet they are still strong. not the lightest.
they are extremely grippy, i haven’t slipped on em yet.


D_240 WELB64.jpg

Good luck with them, it looks like they have the same axel design as all the other Well go pedals. Just be careful for when the pedal body magically comes off the axle!

This happened to both of my b36 pedals, and I didn’t even grind or drop the left pedal.

they look good are they expensive?

Nathan, yeah on my Wellgo B37s, I had to tighten up the allen bolt, because the left one was coming loose from pedal grabing I imagine…Is it just because Wellgo have weak sealed pedals? Or is every sealed pedal just need tightening up?