wellgo/snafus pedal problems anyone

A friend of mine is geting a GP muni and It comes stock w/ wellgo pedals
I am geting a KH Freeride and It comes stock w/ Snafus(situation ect…)

does/has anyone have anyproblems w/ either pedals

I ride wellgo’s on both my Muni and my Trials setup. I find that the pedals with huge pins in are bad for readjusting your foot position. I like the fact that i can slide my feet around a bit without having to lift them clear of the pedals. They bend hella easy though, but you get used to that!

Rock on!

iv had major problems with snafu’s…Bearing’s are totally shot, lost a number of pins, spindiles bent.

Snafu’s give bad as pedal bite marks
I would suggest geting different pedals but other people like them

I agree with all of that. Jim c’s all the way!

Jim c’s for muni? hmmm

It works. I am more of a street/trials rider but i know that Andrew Carter and others use them for muni. They are good because they are strong and grippy but not too grippy.

I have heard of alot of welgos snapping from pedal grabs, they were still usable for a bit but were missing big chunks of metal. I would recommend jim c’s aswell, either that or Axiom double jumps, they are magnesium, with about the same amount as the snafu’s maybe even a bit more. I love them for a different reason though and that is that They are completely flat and when I removed all the pins on one side (the two on the side I had to grind off) They are an amazing pedal for grinds but also provide enough surface area that they grip pretty well for pedal grabs.

I just got some DK distortion mag pedals off ebay, and they r awesome. the only thing is that the pins are really long.

dmr v12’s are beautiful for muni/distance

wat r dmr v12s ? can u post a pic?

DMR V12s are fantastically grippy. As you said they are great for distance. I wouldnt grind or pedal grab on them though.
These are dmr v12s:


ooo those are pretty!

i have wellgoes on my MUni and they work fine. wear shin guards though cause i have some bad scars on my shin from falling onto the pedal lol. All of the reflectors have fallen off though after a short period of time. They are fine pedals though dont really have any problems with them.

I had welgo resin pedals on my trials before i got my Jim C’s. They are ok but if you grind on them they will deteriorate really qwick. If you can afford to get pedals with your uni then upgrade to some Jim C’s in my opinion.

i have done a fair bit of pedal grabs and they seem ok, the pins fall out alot tho.

The good thing about dmr v8’s/v12’s are the are complety rebuildable and have grease point for syringe etc…

friend dosnt Pedal grab or grind any problems now/

iv had major problems with snafu’s…Bearing’s are totally shot, lost a number of pins, spindiles bent.

Snafu’s give bad as pedal bite marks

I’ve got snafu’s on my trials, and I’m not a big fan. The bearings seem to be going, they started going less than a month after I got the uni. However, I only use it for flatland/trials within walking distance of where I live, so I’m not too concerned about it. Most of the time I walk home on it anyways (short cranks make for brutal hill climb).

I’ve got Kona Jack Schitts on my muni, which are awesome. They’ve held up really well for the last year and a half of pretty heavy use. The reflectors fell off like on those Wellgos, but they pins are uber grippy. Iit can be a pain to adjust my stance actually, but very useful in muddy/wet conditions. The pins actually are threaded the ir entire length, so they stick to my shoe tread really well. The Snafu’s pins are slick, so they don’t hold my foot as well, which is actually ok for unispins and such. I’m missing som of the pins though on one pedal from trying to hop onto something and missing, landing on the pedal/crank instead.

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I have a set of Wellgo’s on my DX. They are quite grippy. In my case a bit to grippy as I took a nasty fall due to the fact that I couldent get my foot off of the pedals fast enough. Although I have not ever rode a set of Snafus my observation of them is that they seem to have even higher pins than the wellgo’s so may be more grippy yet.
That being said maybe your riding style requires extra grip and if not then most of the pins can be removed. (or ground off)
I can’t speak for the quality of the bearings in either of these units.

in conclusion they are fairly crap pedals :stuck_out_tongue: