Wellgo Magnesium (MG-1) pedals

Has anybody used these? I did a search and couldn’t find any recent reviews specific to Uni. I’m looking for a lightweight, large platform metal pedal with better grip than the polycarb’s I’m using now. I know there are lighter and possibly better pedals out there, but I can get the MG-1’s for $39, which is about my limit for this purchase. If you know of other pedals less than 376g for under $40, then I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.

Edit: BTW, getting these for MUni use…

I think that’s what I have. I paid about $40, in 2008 for mine. Used them in Ride The Lobster and today they’re on my MUni. I don’t pound my unicycle like some people, but they’re still going fine for me. :slight_smile:

I have these, but under the name “Qu-ax magnesium pedals”, those are the same. I like thees pedals, grippy, but not too much, and light.
You can’t go wrong for that price, I paid €39 for them.

the platforms arent very large, but the pedals are pretty good so far. Ive been using them for downhill and they still havent broke. I mainly ride in soft dirt so that is most likely why they havent broken yet. I have heard from others that the pedals will shatter with abuse such as street and trials.

With 5.10s your feet will be glued to the pedals! Overall a very good pedal for the price.

Great pedals. Light, strong, grippy, durable. Highly recommended.

I’m not a big fan of the Wellgos because they have a very small C-clamp holding in a very small bearing, and when it fails (without warning) you’re walking home. Other than that they have good specs.

@MadFurai: These reviews might help with your decision. They get very high ratings.

Isn’t one-footed muni “totally doable?” :smiley:

Get the Nuke Proof Electron or the USA version (Diety Compound) they are more durable, have a lower profile, have adjustable and replaceable pins, and they only weigh 300gm.


You might be able to find them on sale, for instance the Electrons I have were $40 shipped from the UK.

My oldest pair, which I got last Winter, still looks fresh, and that’s after 50 plus days of riding.

I have five pair, two with nylon pins, three with steel pins, it’s all I ride, nothing else compares for the price.

Yeah, but it gets old after the first couple of miles. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use them because they are light.

A little too grippy for me, and they feel fragile (a little too light) but on a 36" Schlumpf they’re actually ok.

They do corrode though…not a big deal, but mine has gone all lumpy :frowning:

Thanks for that - I was just coming on this thread to ask what anybody thought about those in comparison (having had them recommended by Feisty), given I can get either for about the same price. You do seem to have similar tastes to him (and possibly also me) - I think I have my answer.

I LOVE the MG-1 pedals and have been using them for years. Yet to have any issues and I do a lot of MUni. Very grippy, lightweight, durable and inexpensive. What else could you ask for?! I have a set on my 26" schlumpf, 36" KH, and 29" KH plus a spare set just in case. 5 out of 5 stars for me.

Thanks for all the replies!

+1 I got a red pair of Diety Compound pedals for my 26" Oracle. Not nearly as heavy as the SpeedPlay Drillium pedals on my KH29 but, when paired with 5.10 Stealth rubber, but just as sticky.

My only experience with Wellgo pedals are the clear DX studded plastic pedals on my KH36. They are not nearly as sticky which is a good thing as I often need to reposition my feet to reach the shifting button.

Up until a couple of days ago I would have given these pedals a great review, but then sure enough! That C-clip went kablooie three miles into a ride, and I had to turn around and try to ride the spindle home.

So I wouldn’t buy these again. I’m surprised that after all the millions of pedals Wellgo has made, they would have a problem engineering something like that properly, but maybe uni use is harder on them than biking. They certainly bang into the ground a lot more often.

The MG-1 I’d the next pedal on the market until they break

Still recomend the diety compound.