wellgo LU-A52 sealed

I ventured down to my local bike shop the other day in search of gripper pedals for my giraffe (plastic sucks) and ended up getting thses…because their sealed and the guy convinced me that they were better quality then the Jimmy C’s, so I passed up the Jimmy C’s and bought them.

After trying them out my expert opinion is they SUCK. Their not as grippe as the bulletproofs only 2 pins are replaceable and they don’t seem to ride any better then loose ball and their a blooming 20 bucks more that the Jim Cielencki’s.

So my question is what the hell does sealed bearings do for you and is it worth the extra money to get sealed pedals?

P.S. I’m not comparing Jim Cielencki’s to these just sealed vs non-sealed.


Sealed bearings are supposed to last longer and remain smoother because they stop the ingress of water and dirt in to the bearing. Some people prefer to run unsealed bearings and just clean them regularly. I can’t imagine this making any difference for anything except muni.


Thanks king dude.

I would stick away from sealed bearing pedals where possible, they are more expensive and usualy not worth it unless you get into really specialized sealed pedals.

The advantages they offer aren’t really that great for unicyclists and looseball are cheaper and do the same job.

Wellgo isn’t the highest quality pedal to begin with.

Take them back and demand a refund.

yeah just take them back, if they are on a giraffe hopefully they are not scratched or nothing.

Oh i’m not going to do that. They work fine for the giraffe and I’m happy with that.

thought i recognised them actually, UDC seem to carry exactly the same product, although under a different name. They describe them as ’ the pedal all the unicyclists are talking about’. Well I guess they’re half right.

Thats cool except your WRONG, well half wrong mine aren’t magnesium their aluminum.

Good point, but all your gripes with your pedals don’t see to be related to the material, the gripiness, replacability of pins etc. would be the same regardless.

i woudlnt have thought gusset would rename wellgo pedals… but u never know with these people

Your right and I shouldn’t of jumped on you like that on such an unimportant detail.

:(grobbles to floor and begs for forgiveness while murmuring:( “I am not worthy…I am not worthy…I am not worthy”…

aren’t all the pins removable?
it looks like the other ones have allen heads in them.

Yeah, they look like set screws.