Wellgo B-57's

Does anyone know were I can purchase a set of these? Also, anyone here try them or hear anything about them? I appreciate any help and hope that somone out there knows a little sumthin sumthin bout these bad boys.


those are nice. idk where you can get them online but i’d imagine that your LBS can get you some.

as far as I know you should be able to ask for some at your LBS if they don’t have them in stock they’re usually available through one of the catalogues that your LBS has…

those are tight. i like them

Haha I’m glad you guys like them. I did try one of the bike shops around, looked through their catalogs and everything. I’m just thinking somone out there has to know where to get these. If not I guess I’ll just keep looking

sweet. why cant you order them?

oh nevermind. i thought the pic was froma site…

B-25’s look promising… I wonder where I can get a pair… light, removable pins, and sealed bearings… I think my LBS might have a pair in stock actually… Hmmm… I wish I wasn’t so strapped for cash right now… but I REALLY want to be able to get to UNICON 2010…

actually these look alot like them and way more expensive. but GREAT sale. Closest thing i could find. :slight_smile:Here!

they look similar but i think the B-57’s were thinner, but yes they do look similar.

I have got these pedals, there holding up good so far They have full replacable pins are VERY grippy have huge platforms and replaceable sealed berrings.