Wellgo b-36 pedals?

I was wondering if anyone uses these pedals? I’m thinking about picking up a set but I am wary of buying wellgo’s. They look just like the 24 Butterfly pedals, so its quite possible they are the same and from the same factory, If this were true then I would imagine they would be quite good pedals. Plus I figure I can probably find Wellgos cheaper than Butterflies

i like them, they are one of the few pedals that have lasted me more then 2 months.

The problem all Wellgos with sealed bearings have is that the bearings are held on the axle by a small washer, which eventually fails catastrophically, so you’re stuck walking out or riding out on the axle spindle. They’re nice pedals until that happens.

If I were to have an issue with the washer is the washer replaceable? Also are their ways to avoid this?

I agree.
They were great till there was so much play they kept making me think my cranks were loose.

These pedals are good. The bearing is held on with a nut, not a washer…maybe the old wellgo’s had washers inside. The internals are basically replaceable. If you keep them serviced they should last as long as any other pedal.