Wellgo B-27, rebuildable?

Well, I killed mine. While riding around town, one of the pedals fell off, so you can imagine how bad I let them get. I can’t seem to find a rebuild kit, nor the size bearings/bushing. The original bearings are disintigrated on both pedals so I have nothing to compare to.

I did searches but wasn’t able to find any info even though I kinda remember it being here.

Anyone able to help me? The pedels I’m using now are inferior and I miss my B-27s.

Yeah, I will be smarter this time with proper maintainance.

Ed Hansen

All you’ll need for the rebuild is grease and replacement bearings.

The bearings are size 686ZZ
13mm OD
6mm ID
5mm wide

You can get replacement bearings from
or from your local bike shop. The 686ZZ bearing size is very common for platform pedals. The “ZZ” means that the bearing has metal shields on both sides of the bearing.

Here is a thread that shows all the pieces of the B-27 pedal:
The best muni pedals ever just got taken apart!

If you have lost or damaged the end cap (the part labeled 6mm allen in the above thread) then you’re probably SOL. I don’t think you can get a replacement for that part.

Thanks fo for your time and info John. I can probably pick that up tomorrow in Salida. My 6mm hex end caps are still there. Only thing that died was the bearings. Probably buy a few extras, for, you know, just in case… :slight_smile:

Platform pedals put side loads on the cartridge bearings which cause the bearings to fall apart. Cartridge bearings are not designed for side loads. Keeping the end caps on the pedals snug will help to keep the bearings healthy longer, but it’s still a loosing cause. Eventually the bearings will fall apart. If the end caps are tight and you still have excessive play in the pedal then the bearings are probably about to fall apart.

I had a bearing fail on one of my muni pedals just two weeks ago. I took the muni out of the car, jumped on, did a few little jumps to get warmed up and then crack, click, click, click, click… The ride that day was over before I even got out of the parking lot. I stole the bearings out of a spare set of Wellgo B-27’s that I have so I could get my pedal working again. Now I’ve got to get some new bearings. I’ll get a few extras so I have some on hand for the next time this happens.