Well met in Sherwood

Out on the KH24 today on my usual stamping ground near Sherwood Pines when I saw another unicyclist. This is only the second time in 23 years of riding that I have unexpectedly met another unicyclist on one of my rides - and last time it was someone I’d sold one to a few weeks before!

This time it was a young lad on a basic 20" with a smooth tyre and plastic pedals, gamely attempting a short but steep muddy descent that I would have taken cautiously on my MUni.

I had a quick chat with him and his dad. Apparently the lad had learned to ride in a fortnight, and I think this was his first trip into the wilds on it. It took me back to my early days bombing around the local nature reserve on a 20" UMX and and never dreaming that anyone else would do the same.

He could idle and freemount. I let him have a go on my KH24, which was set a bit high for him, but he was able to ride it.

He already knew about Unicycle.com, but I directed him to this forum too.

One more of us, one fewer of them.:slight_smile:

Oh no, where’s the ‘like’ button?

Way to go mike.
I think I had a dream last night about reffering somebody to the forum haha.
I need to make a unicyclist… Once I start riding around town more maybe it will happen :slight_smile:

Ha, that’s funny. I met another Schlumpf 36" rider today on my way back from a full marathon training ride. I coudn’t believe my eyes. First time ever for me meeting another unicyclist by coincidence. And then on the same geared uni as well. So we had a little chat and introduced ourselves. He’s René van Schijndel, RVS is his user name in here. I would have joined him a bit but he was heading where I was coming from and I was getting tired… Someone took a picture of us which I may post here when I get it. it was such a surprise to encounter him out of the blue.

Kids today eh! I’ve been riding 6 months and can’t idle! :o

I had a similar encounter a couple of months ago. I was riding along the towpath when I passed a boy riding his 20" learner with his mum walking alongside.
I was so focused on avoiding the joggers and not falling into the canal that I didn’t notice them as I passed alongside. I caught him in the periphery of my vision and after a while realised that there was something not quite right about the cyclist I just passed. I sort of did a double take and hastily dismounted to go talk to him. I also directed him to this forum, and introduced him to muni too :smiley:

I ride around Sherwood every-so-often…we should arrange a Muni day there soon.

I’ve suggested we arrange a few UK Muni days on the UK forum:


Just pick a date and see who shows.

Sherwood is good for me, I’m at J20 of the M1. :slight_smile:

For some reason when I read this I was expecting Mike to encounter a unicyclist on a giraffe whilst attempting to cross a narrow bridge:D

Anyway - I’m up for some Muni at Sherwood Pines. If anyone rides in Swinley Forest I’m there sometimes on weekday evenings.